Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Big Snow 12/8/2017

Say it ain't snow!!! NO, Not in Mississippi, Weather folks got it wrong for Central MS,,, supposed to be just a smattering, I was out walking around about 4, the first picture, the car. I thought, not bad, will continue with Christmas shopping plans and errands, and hour or so later,,, guess i'll not be going anywhere today.

one of the last pictures shows the diff in the Honda accumulation, I know people that get snow regular, wonder why Mississippians take so many pictures. From what i read this is the most snow we have had since 1982.

Oh and Silly Dilly in a picture, studying the snow, i must have let her in and out at least 29 times. she wouldn't even go sniff it. just swished that stubby tail and back inside she went.

seeya, oh, this Is plenty enough snow for me, I am good till next season,, WAY next season, Although this batch was gone by Saturday afternoon.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Central Ms turtle Rescue (Florence MS) 501

hope the link works!!! someone let me know if it doesn't, I meant to post this a while back. but since today is Giving Tuesday, I decided to pull up the draft and post. I'll be back to add or rework in a bit.

I may add a few pix later, but the website speaks for itself.. RD and I work with these folks..

They apparently have gotten an Overwelming response. Turtles are rolling in. They even have a few endangered. They work closely with Wildlife Dept. Volunteers needed and supplies. Large Clean totes that can be made into big tanks especially.

I have the pleasure of hosting a few of the rescued, rehabbed turtles at my little broken down pond.

Will be an Interview on WJTV in a couple weeks.

 AND they will be on PBS (Mississippi Roads) sometime in 2018. The filming has been done.

Thanksgiving Harvest and good eats.

Now why didn't i dress it up a bit?? Last minute photo i suppose, I wasn't going to cook since it was just me as I decided to stay home this year, but all of a sudden the urge hit. 
A bit of fudge, and the last of the cherry tomatoes.
Turkey breast , love the kind in a prepackaged bag, seasoned and read to pop in oven or crockpot without thawing.
Derby pie.
Dressing of course with added chicken and used cream of chicken soup rather than broth. came out fairly decent. AND of Course Cranberry SAUCE and GRAVY!! and I think there is a roll in there somewhere.
SEEYA, hope everyone had a GREAT THANKSGIVING.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Thanksgiving.

Just a couple of scripture pix sent to me a while back from a very very special person, and a the Best part of 2017.

2017 has been harsh on things around the house, but NOTHING NOTHING can take away the best event that happened in February 2017!!! I'll be posting more of these, although i need to do a better job of picture taking.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Japanese Azaleas !!!!

One of my favorite bushes in the yard (Japanese Azaleas), forgive the 3 AM picture in the dark, but here it is, the Middle Of November and this bush is still green and Flowering. Well, we did have a large warm snap right after a frost or two, and wow, the elephant ears sprouted again, and i still have a few cherry tomatoes.

I bought this bush 3 or 4 years ago in Hazlehurst, MS. moved it a couple times, seems to be happy in this spot and I have just rooted 4 or 5 more from this one bush. I just love it, In my opinion it puts many other Azaleas to Shame, I'll have to be sure and take a daylight picture. I truly need a new Cellphone too.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Doorstep surprise fall 2017

I suppose these are properly considered a Christmas surprise, but i guess the diff colors they come in now make it a Fall.
Sitting on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, a fall surprise from someone very dear to my heart.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

didn't quite make it to November,,,, but NitaBanita approves.


Nita Banita loves when the heat blows, I decided to burn off the dust in the blower,,,,was hoping to make it to at least November, but a few cool nights had us getting ready,,
One heat loving kitty,,, next to her fav rug, Seagrass, I like the rug because she does some of her best grooming rolling on it.

Her and Silly Dilly are not the happiest with a food change lately... NITABANITA, is the laziest cat i have ever had. She's getting a bit tubby, so i did a lot of research and have been offering more canned food ... ALL my kitties in the past thought it was a treat.
These two have turned up their noses at most I have tried. ESPECIALLY SILLY DILLY.

have a great weekend Ya'll.... yes my weekend starts on Friday.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Morning Mushroom sighting.

So, I don't really remember seeing a cluster of mushrooms like this (they caught my eye on my 3:30 morning walk about) , well not any of size. I needed something to help gauge the size of them, not humongous though. maybe this afternoon i'll do another in the daylight if i remember. Is the proper word Cluster? doesn't everything have a word for more than one?
such as Murder of crows?
a mob of meercats?
gaggle of geese? or is that flock?
gang of meercats?
pack of dogs, 
herd of horses?
and so many more, I'm only guessing here at most.

and now the mushrooms are black and wasted away. really odd lump of mess. and yes, i forgot to take a picture, but who wants to see the ugly things???

Monday, September 25, 2017

Pineapple Guava bush/tree ,,, thank you RD.

soooooooooooo, SEVERAL years ago, i was discussing trees for a privacy screen with RD. she suggested Pineapple Guava,,, i had given up on them pretty much,, I think they are getting a bit too much shade, beautiful blooms

at times, but that was all.

I was checking fence line this weekend, and WALLAH,,, they may be a bit small, I know nothing about this fruit, and the bush/tree leans trying to catch more sun, but lookie,,,, maybe twenty small fruit.

i'll have to research and see what they look like ripe, and the size.  The bush/trees are only about 6 feet tall, Gotta hope the dogs do not notice there might be edibles.

thanx RD!!!! and the place in Crystal Springs,,, although i think someone else owns it now.

wallah, I added a photo of the PineApple Guava fruit,,, those two bush/trees did pretty well for the first time. AND, yes the dogs have found them, they were not to sure of them at first, played with a couple, rolled on them and et them!!!

I hesitantly tasted them, not bad, not sure they are totally ripe, and even though the "net" says rind is edible, too spotted. I'm letting them ripen indoors and will try them again.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Silly Dilly Trespassing

yes, of course kitties(especially Silly Dilly ) must trespass when you open a door to a room seldom open to the public.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

THE BIG EVENT of 2017, (maybe)

no, I didn't take it, and No , pretty sure its no a real photo, but digitally enhanced. but I love it, just love it, so hopefully I'm not infringing on someones ownership. 
and yes world wide a great big event, but it did not eclipse the biggest  happiest event of my life this year. Maybe one day I will share that experience. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Orange is the new mushroom???? or alien?

Ok, dunno if you can see them, i should have fetched my better camera, but anyway, check out the tiny orange mushrooms(??) are they mushrooms? i dunno, but very interesting. they are acutally a brighter orange than the picture shows, I must go do some research on the ww. 
VERY Teeny and small clusters.
i'll have to walk back to the back and see what stage they are now, they were not shaped like mushrooms, well in my uneducated mushroom guess.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Althea trees by way of Japanese Redneck !!

I hope i called them by the correct name, anyway, RD gave them to me a couple years ago, they are finally blooming more than the past couple years, I think they get too much shade, so they might be a bit spindly and need fertilize, but Hay look, and i think they are three different colors, Silly Dilly heped take pix. and oh, the fence needs a new post, i have the post just need to get busy and dig a new hole. Not so easy in the summer with all the clay.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Recipe from Miss Market Bulletin (i think)

SO, I THINK i found this in a recent Miss Market Bulletin, but now, I have to wonder??? After telling J-redneck, i decided maybe i better post it. I took this to my mother since she loves new recipes but they need to be fairly easy these days,,,, Mainly because if she is out of ingredients and she might substitute.
It was really yummy , and she said My brother and his wife fell in love with it.

I love these type recipes in the summer time.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

another oldie, another truck. and a reallly smart dog

another oldy, hope i didn't post this already, YUP, Forest Hll Stables way back when, 1979 or 1980.
I fell in love with this truck,,, Toyota dully? never have seen another. I had to have it, but it just wasn't practicle, So i didn't keep it long. and there it Trey, my first Shetland Sheepdog, and probably one of the smartest I ever had. I love that breed and had two of them, but the shedding was awful , so never got another after they crossed over the rainbow bridge.
this little dog (after he turned almost a year) could learn a new trick in 20 minutes or less,
He played dead, roll over, put matches out, said his prayers, jumped through a hoop to music. and many more. He also wanted to Herd something really bad, he ran circles around the horses, and children.  BUT HE DETESTED people when they smoked. he refused to have anything to do with them when they lit that cancer stick. Miss him and the little female Treni so much. She was smart but no tricks for her, she seemed to think i was punishing her, dunno why. and when a puppy , she was afraid of the camera. 
I thought i had a really nice picture of the two shelties on my flash, but havn't found it, Ill be back!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

First truck 1975??? days of old

YUP, my first truck purchase back in the day,,, I started out with a small car, loved it but realized if i was going to have horses there had to be a truck in my life. I'll have to find a picture of that first car, red white blue, old Vega,,, For those in the know, RD,,,,, this was Forest Hill stables way back in the day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Scanner know how plus a couple really old pictures

So, Its been a learning curve with a wireless scanner/copier/printer/fax machine that was given or was that loaned to me a couple months ago. I had it working fairly well hooked directly to the old PC at home, but the PC went belly up , so back to the learning curve of scanning old pictures.  Even though its wireless apparently in order to save pictures to a flash drive, it still has to be hooked somehow to the internet. I did purchase a really cheap laptop, probably a big mistake. and FINALLY i managed to save a couple scans through it to the flash drive that's plugged into the printer. I must try another way. REALLLY though, i think the old pc just needs a power supply, so maybe i will eventually take the old one out and hunt down one similar and install it, I know way off topic for the following pictures. Bear with me.

A real oldie,,, 1980 or 81???? WHO knew,,, a Toyota duallly and my First Shetland Sheepdog, One of the smartest dogs i ever owned, but they SHEDDDDDDDDDDDDD... i didn't have the dually long, It wasn't the smartest purchase i ever made since I had to have a way to haul horses, and I just didn't think it was going to do it. I really wish i had paid more attention to pictures back in the day, even with the cheappy things i had.

Monday, June 26, 2017

RESCUE ALERT,,, not for the faint of heart, did freak me out though.

gahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hope i never have to do this again, if it had been venomous i would have called my turtle rescuers to come deal. I guess their rescuing of turtles has rubbed off on me, and dead or alive, this thing had to be removed.

YUP< RAT SNAKE!!!! and a decent sized one at that. I got home from work, trying to beat the rain, and what was hanging in the chicken pen? hung up in the netting that keeps out the hawks and keeps the chickens in... YES i have rats, or HAD RATS????

I thought he was dead, but i poked him with a stick and i saw a wiggle. SO, i over came myself, and with a pair of scissors, but him from the netting and with a hoe, directed him back to the woods, LETS hope he learned his lesson. Luke says he would have come to the rescue if I had called, but that means waiting possibly up to an hour. If it had been venomous,,, I WOULD HAVE WAITED.

Please forgive the dumpy looking coop/pen.. Yes it needs work, and I've been meaning to go to Harbor Freight and get a mesh Tarp, rather than using the netting and throwing tree trimmings on top. The birds love it, maybe that's what the snake was after. People tell me they eat chickens, but so far i have not lost a chicken to a snake. I DO HAVE RATS... and a very muddy chicken pen.

DO you see him???? i think it was over 5 feet, I'm 5'2 and it was over my head a little, and tail almost on the ground.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Garden/June 2017 post

Ok, I had to do a June post and because I am way behind on weeding my tomatoes and they aren't very visible due to way much rain, I decided to leave it at this. (My mind has been growing a lot of weeds lately) allergies more than likely...

And my favorite type of Birthday cake(DQ Icecream cake) for a special special person.