Monday, September 17, 2012

Still a work in progress!!!

YES, it does look messy, but it works, Cleanup will happen, maybe when the weather cools down, which should be very soon. I have a LONG LIST of " when the weather cools down" BUT it works and I now have 6 eggs, although two chickens did not make it. THey appeared to be healthy, i think i used a bit too much TLC out of kindness and created a damp environment and lots of rain at the wrong time didn't help them, although we needed it overall.

What a surprise I recieved when I slid open the side of a blue bird house to do some fall cleaning. SOMETHING stared back at me, not sure what since I could only see a wiggly nose and a fairly large EYE. YIKES. i slid it shut and collected the camera, YEP it was still there, I really can't tell what it is, some sort of rodent, is it a baby? IT sure didnt' run for the hills, too small for a squirrel surely with a blue bird size  hole. chipmunk??? I dunno, I took a picture, can you see it??? I'll check back in a few days to see if its still there.

Monday, September 10, 2012

NEW seester for the MILAMOnster

WELLL, the MIlaMonster is seven now and I decided I better get another puppa before she gets any older, HER GET OLDER??? I should have said myself, becuase this new puppa is soooooooo full of life,,, I wanted one similar to the MIla, and as such I found this one on Craigs list (another story in the making)so many puppas listed there, WELL, I found one, Labrador/Rhodesian mix, which I and others call Labrodesian or is that Labradesian??? Nevertheless, she is Black, 9 months old, and SEVENTYNINE lbs already. AM I CRAZY??? More later. SUffice it to say, she is a handful, which is the reason her family was looking for her a new home, SHE is smart and learning already, but wow, never again, will i adopt one of that age and size. OH never say never!!!

AT LONG LAST after much heartache and bone aches

SOOOOO, the chicken venture has not been the easiest challenge i have ever taken on. WHO knew how silly and delicate the critters can be? NOT ME!!! I so fall in love with any critter i attempt to take on and so it goes with the chickens, I probably should not have named them??? SO, i started with five and now i am down to three due to some illness, maybe coccidiosis, and beginning to wonder if they would ever lay an egg.  BUT AT LONG LAST YESTERDAY was the day. I think i intturppeted the process since i was in the chicken house doing weekend chores and remaking the roost poo catcher. MISS Shay-bar came indoors, not a normal thing, sat on the roost watching me, i should have left. and I did finally take the hint, but was still working outside the house. maybe that is why she chose to lay that FIRST wonderful brown egg in the outdoor 2nd space of three in the sand???? Maybe today will bring a second or third surprise? ONE can only dream. by the way, HOW long will an egg last in the fridge???? LOL
PS, i should have chosen a smaller bowl, this one makes it look way tiny so a friend told me.