Tuesday, August 30, 2016

THanx R!!!! you help bring the memories back, my dream shower/tub ,,, wonder if Southerland still has it. I took these a few years back, Maybe i'll win the lottery and get it,,, well heck no, i'll buy a whole new place(with live in help) more than likely with a monster glassed in shower.. For now, I'll just drool over this one.

Love the memories you (R) help me bring back to the surface. Not that large, but just right for a double wide???

Thursday, August 25, 2016

More Memories Darby Related

Ok, so yes, i'll probably be posting several memories of Darby and pictures. Not so real these but amazing work done by an artist friend I met online in a Collectors Club. These were Hagen Renaker ceramics (MADE IN USA). They have been in business since the 50s. I've seen some of the older horse models sell for several Thousand.

But about Darby,,, I had this Hagen Renaker customized to look like Darby. Yes he was an Appaloosa Quarter horse cross. and Palomino with a Blanket and flakes of spots. He did fade a bit over the years especially in the summer.
If you look closely I had a Freeze Brand applied to his left Shoulder.  It was a blend of my name, my sister's name and a cross. I believe she registered the brand although dunno if she kept it up to date.

the Model was also fired, so the paint and custom job will be there!!

days gone by. How the time flys.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RIP DARBY May 1998-August 18 2016

So sorry Darby we couldn't save you, Even though I was no longer riding and had not been to visit lately after giving him to my sister years ago, I'll Miss Darby with my heart and soul. I'll never forget the day you were born, or evening. I even helped pull the birth sack off your face and almost spent the night with you making sure all systems were go. You were a wonderful friend.
I don't have all the details but my sister says Colic/Impaction. For some reason Darby seemed prone to colic starting about 5 or 6 years ago. I guess his heart gave out.
RIP, I will see you again.
Photo Credit,,,, myself, one Christmas morning years ago,. In Byram, MS where my sister and I leased a barn and pasture for 10 or more years.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shebaroosome, guarding her Gourd??? or wanting me to chase, which I never do. I talk her down. I so wish I had found Sheba before she was 9 months old. Half Lab wants to retrieve (certain Items) , she wants to give them to me, but sometimes the Rhodesian in her kicks in and she wants to run with it. I talk her down and eventually she gives it to me. I've even taken a wild baby bunny from her, although it took some major conversation. And Yes, one of them I saved and eventually returned to the wild.
she is a beautiful dog and watching her run is like Poetry in motion. she reminds me of the days I used to trail ride. Sheba (aka Cheebers) has a beautiful slow canter/lope. I love watching her run. INDOORS< not so much.... ha, 90 lbs of tornado.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chickens 2016

So, I still have five chickens, a couple are older, so not as many eggs, but I normally give most a way, forgive the thrown together pen, its mostly homemade using anything and everything, old lattice. PVC and wire for gates. A good buddy did get me started with the coop parts. Although with my never ending not so great ideas at times, the chicken house is a bit leaky. I will have to try to fix that before this winter. for now, every leak might be helping it to be cooler. the egg count is down due to the heat I think, One chicken was feeling poorly, but seems to be doing better with a bit of handfeeding and lots of chicken probiotics , electrolytes and vitamins.   the black one is the last surviving one of my original five starting 4 years ago I think. She is boss chick. DON"T TELL anyone, but her name is a spin off someone I work with that is about the rudest, hatefulist person I have ever met or worked with.  Most of the people I work with feel the same from what I can tell.

I actually have someone coming from miles away, meeting me at work to get a couple dozen eggs, I think her husband made her though. He know longer works with me, but swears by homegrown" eggs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I don't think I posted this already, I had to keep up with RD. normally I give carrots for treats to Milamonster and Shebaroosome. but in June I celebrate all critters birthdays, so the puppas got frozen hotdogs. not easy to take picture and get some nice pictures with HOTDOGS in the picture.

Happy Birthday puppa dogs,

Shebaroosome 4

MilaMonster 11

Half Labrador, Half Rhodesian Ridgeback. Approximately 90 lbs each,

Monday, August 8, 2016

Buzzard Invasion

And then there were,,, well I Couldn't count them all. I was indoors trying to cool off, I normally have the big dogs in the late afternoons on weekends cooling, Mila was in I think. Shebaroosome was out stretching her long legs, and I heard her fussing about something, So I walked out to the deck to see. BUZZARDS everywhere, just across the electric fence one side of the pond. I couldn't see what they were fixated/eating on. I tried taking multiple pictures but dunno what. Hopefully it was deceased already. Its so grown up back there and too many snakes, so I didn't go where the tall grass grows. OF course They flew away, I walked the open side of the pond. Notices a small new tree with lots of broken limbs. DID THEY DO T HAT?? or was the storm the day before that bad. There were small limbs everywhere, and multiple buckets had blown away from the shed and chicken house. BUZZARDS are larger than what most people imagine??? I meant to get a picture or movie of Sheba running the fence line checking them out. roaring like the half lion dog she is TOO fast. I hope she doesn't overheat herself today if they return.

people imagine????

Monday, August 1, 2016

SO, The Rabbit release went as scheduled Friday, and the Rain held off till Saturday, what a beautiful morning it was. I chose the release spot Thursday evening and even prepared it. I fed the little feller one last time. HE was VERY unappreciative when I rounded him up into a smaller box, they do tend to get petrified. Down to the edge of the woods and away he went. I took a couple pictures, it was right before daylight, so a person will have to use their imagination to see the little feller.

I feel sure it was time. He was getting very territorial about his small space, I couldn't hand catch him without a lot of effort , although he did smell the milk in the dropper and would eat without me picking him up . I prayed to the rabbit Gods and hope for the best. If  I see a rabbit next August 29. I am going to think its him. I am.