Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Orange is the new mushroom???? or alien?

Ok, dunno if you can see them, i should have fetched my better camera, but anyway, check out the tiny orange mushrooms(??) are they mushrooms? i dunno, but very interesting. they are acutally a brighter orange than the picture shows, I must go do some research on the ww. 
VERY Teeny and small clusters.
i'll have to walk back to the back and see what stage they are now, they were not shaped like mushrooms, well in my uneducated mushroom guess.

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The JR said...

I have 2 mushroom books and still cannot tell what I'm looking at out in the woods. It's too confusing and I would never eat one because I'd find a poison one.

They look like mushrooms to me.

And, your favorite color.