Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Out of the Ordinary Thanksgiving. 2016

soooooo,,,, ,, Most of the time I am thankful for being an early bird. I did get something entirely new accomplished 2016 Thanksgiving, Last minuet planning on the dinner which turned into brunch/breakfast. I did start the dressing earlier in the week, even had some BIG samples , which I then had to revamp, because it was a bit salty and bitter because I really didn't['t have all ingredients on hand.  Damage control adding more bread (although I prefer biscuits, popeyes biscuits to be exact. more egg and a bit of half and half. Wallah,, great dressing which I then cooked in muffin tins rather than one large dish. Comes in handy freezing,,, I can just grab a dressing muffin, pop in the micro and yummmmy. I did make Mexican corn in a cup, forgot to put some on the plate.
SOOOOOOOO with brunch out of the way... I decided its time to put up that ceiling fan that I bought a year or so ago. My ole handy man has bout quit doing side work, so with the background I have with try anything and instructions, and one quick text. I HUNG MY FIRST CEILING FAN INDOORS!!!! Its working!!! I can't quit going in there to look at it. Its in a spare bedroom.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, me!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Poached eggs

SO, thanx to R&D, I had to give the Poached egg with sauce thingy a try. I've experimented in the past with Poached eggs and they were fairly nasty looking. I searched the net and found a fairly easy microwave method which I do believe I like. I did overcook this one, so no runs in sight. I do have a habit of overcooking , mainly due to the "yucky" texture of many items. I used to love runny eggs, but since owning chickens if I over think it, the yoke will be done. The sauce on this one wasn't my fav, I think I was running on memory when it comes to the type of sauce. I did get the Knorr envelop ,but I grabbed Bernaise instead of Hollandaise and I was not impressed. It needed some fire or something. I did use English muffins which I normally keep on hand and added store bought Turkey sausage, it was on sale. I'll be glad when my chickens are done molting and I get some REAL eggs. HA....

Monday, November 7, 2016

my fav Rose

My Most favorite Rose,,, making a come back after being moved AGAIN.. I bought this Rose at the Garden Club from Raymond, MS at the county fair, several years ago. Its a work in progress and there are several more Rose's beside this one, but this one is my favorite, heirloom I think and has the Best Ole Timey Smell. Take no notice of the temporary landscaping or lack of. I may set small pots of something in them in the spring. BUT NEETA BANITA, loves to be noticed,,, PHOTOBOMB!!! where was that Silly Dilly???