Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bitty Turtle save.2017

So,, Between storms, I just had to go play in the water runoff or look for uncovered treasure, I did find a toy tug boat from some where that ran away and then I found again later. It lives in the little artificial bird pond that I threw together with scraps a year or so ago. Saturday or Sunday, I forget which, low and behold a teeny little Red Slider turtle had washed out its hibernation spot and down the runoff, he was stuck upside down in the rocks and i guess the cold water had finally shut him down, I though he was dead at first, but thought i saw teeny bubble, so i took him to the pond and placed him in the shallows, and yeaaaaaaaaa, he had moved away into hiding somewhere. It has been so warm, many turtles are out and sunning in JANUARY!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

ICE DAY brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ok, i know for some people these cold pix are hilarious, but for Central Mississippi, it aint fun.. at least i was already off work and didn't have that 23 miles of nasty roadway to traverse. 
As it is, i was in Kroger when it started coming down, mainly because from there i HAD TO MAIL a package from a collectors sale. I took the back woods home and now i know why i kept saying i was going measure my wipers and get new wipers. BET i get that done this weekend. Stayed home for the most part except for taking my mother her weekly dose of Kroger Chicken salad. Plus i had to gas up my truck for the week. Most of the ice was gone yesterday though. SOOO glad it doesn't hang around long. The dogs, the kitties and i stayed indoors for the most part. Silly Dilly was not happy about the ice.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

SATSUMAS, my favs for Satsumas.

I have not been anywhere to grab Satsumas in more than a year, a coworker was a bit south yesterday and stopped for lunch at Shady Acres,, 49 South of Collins. SHE GRABBED me a bag of Satsumas, no time to put them in a nice bowl, especially since they really need to be in the fridge, but they eat like a Satsuma, i've still not hit a seed . yummmmmmmmmmmm,  They shall fit nicely next to the chocholate covered kumquat that RD gave me,,, oops, I put the chocolate on them,,, why didn't i think to put them in the picture at 2:00 this morning???????????


NO, i don't always do a great job of making the bed so early in the morning, but i tend to smooth it out a touch, even if Silly Dilly is still under the covers... She likes to sleep under since i keep the house fairly cool at night. not as much as she used to , this is from last night or early morning, and i mean early. I'm on a bad kick of waking up about 1:30 and usually can not go back to sleep. Yes, i do crash early early. I tried making my self stay up later, but i still get up to early. it is my favorite time of the day though.

another PS, this kitty protector isn't quite big enough, so i bought two to sew together, I started to do that during the holidays, but the sewing machine isn't cooperating along with my memory of how to work it. Turns out after 15 years of storage, its missing a screw or something to the presser foot, I'll eventually get one, also  need heavy duty thread and needle. what was i thinking?? it was just gonna come alive with a thought? I printed out the manual from the web (gotta love the web) ,,, back to the drawing board!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


YES, it rained and rained and rained, the pond looks so much better, but look at that runoff, it will go down fast. I also got a couple pictures on the backside of the horses next door, well really a quarter horse dude rents that to put mares back there temporarily. I can't remember the name of his place, he races quarter horses, I'll have to look it up and edit this post. I had to hunt it down last year when a couple mares got out and were wandering. maybe keeping it here would be helpful. JUST so happened they were in Texas at the time and  they had to call someone to come get them. THEY really should check the fence better, its very old.