Thursday, December 22, 2016

Derby Pie, LM version.

I promise, soon as I remember to take a picture of the actual pie , I will, I have made two this year, but froze them right away,,, they are great to keep for months in the freezer. Can you tell this recipe has served me well since about 1993??? I guess that is why 1993 is written in the corner. YUP, who knew I was such a messy cook??? everyone that observes this now of course.

SO, I did a quick deco job with what I could find on hand at the office this morning...Ignore the background work clutter please.
Low ANd Behold, an X- Coworker dropped  off this homemade Christmas tree yesterday for ME during lunch. left it in the back of the truck and then called to tell me about it... HMMMMM< wonder if that Derby pie I surprised him with last Friday at his office at 6:59 in the AM had anything to do with it... I supplied the horseshoes probably a year or so ago, and after he had to leave the job unexpectedly I figured it would never happen... but thanx BOB,,, I miss you dude. THis really makes me want to invest in an electric welder and try my hand at making such. I did do a couple years aluminum welding at a previous job YEARS ago...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Whoever heard of a Whatchmacallit Tree?

Ok, I delayed posting Christmas 2016 because I really meant to add a video but it just aint happening. so here goes my messy table,
 ONE whatchamacallit tree for a very special person,
 my Christmas Carousel (plays music) I've had for maybe 25 years, kinda scruffy sounding.
 Milamonster with here sad dog antler look.
 ShebaROOSEOME, the black dog that wouldn't be still (antlers demolished).  BEWARE HER TAIL, its like a piece of CONDUIT. Really though, she is a smart great dog, walks on a leash like a dream.
TWO new collars for the puppas, I have to add new phone tags before switching them out.
A GUM BALL tree for the office made from the branch of a really thorny mean lemon tree. Second one, someone bought the first one for 5 whole dollars.