Thursday, May 26, 2016

well it is cute,,, kinda. and not so scary as others.

Taking a morning walk along the back side of the dam, where I keep a teeny strip of grass cut,,, Im working on getting it further but the briars are over my head, so its a slow go. I never know what i'll see back there. This little visitor isnt' as scary as some, but I know I have to really watch back there. there are larger snakes that hide beneath the wild black berries in hopes of catching a bird I guess? or stalking frogs that wander a bit too far from the run down pond. This one stood his ground and I got within a foot, NO I would never do that with a larger snake. I believe this is a ribbon snake.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The "WILD" ones!!!

yes, they are wild turtles, but the do love an afternoon snack. Most days I manage to share. for now they seem to be keeping this part of the pond occupied, but due to the dam break, which is worse this year, the are will dry up, but for now snack time!! I think they hear me talking to the chickens, so they start gathering, one day this week one was all the way up on the dam.
I get a kick out of watching them for sure. they will come barreling up the bank, although too much movement scares them, and some end up flipping over and over rolling back down when they get in a really big hurry to get back to the water.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gee, I am sooooooooo sad, I really was looking forward to watching my Sassafras tree grow up to be handsome,, the one a RD gave me 2 or so years back... I dunno what happened to it. It had leaves , maybe too early in the year? A frost blew through and a couple weeks later, I noticed it looking Dead, and yep, I believe it is, It was as tall as me.. I've never lost a tree that size, well unless I wacked it.  AND No, I don't think the dogs have messed with it, I had a cage around it till it got larger. Mila likes to eat certain grasses, just a doggy thing to do.