Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taint ORange but it is kin.

Oh my, they surprise me every year when spring starts to bloom, not the first one of its kind to be seen this spring, but the first RED BELLY MUD SNAKE. Not my favorite critter but it is pretty and i can never resist poking them, well some of them, couldn't get a good head shot due to the growth around the pond, but still a great body shot maybe????

Monday, April 15, 2013

Its all Ramona's fault. another project.

Ok, so my friend Ramona has done sooooooooo many great Mosaic peices and sent me a cross, that i finally had to give it a try after i broke a favorite kitchen plate. still needs another coat or two of sealer but its almost ready to hang. I'll have to experiment further. I paid one of the guys to cut me out several crosses to practise on. Not quite ready to cut them out myself, especially with hand issues and time issues. the photo really doesn't show up the colors that well, Orange , orange and mostly orange. some cobalt blue.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Invasion of the Phoebes

Please take no notice of the fan that needs painting. DO notice the bird nest mostly built with lichens and moss by what i think is an Eastern Phoebe or some sort of flycatcher. I read the description, wagging tail ,check....nest of lichen,moss in eaves or porches,check, ,,,and others. KIND of resembles a Purple Martin in person but smaller and chubbier. A bit shy, hard to get a really good picture, but not too shy to take over a ceiling fan. It should be about time for them to hatch and move on so i can blow some wasp and mosquitos off the front porch. ANYONE want to correct me if i have it wrong, PLEASE DO!!!!!
PS, Ramona, I hope to be home with the babies leave the nest or maybe the kitties will be elsewhere.