Monday, September 23, 2013

the big ones didnt' get away

Nothing in this picture to compare size to, but this steer and another I will add later,  were rescued as babies by a friend of mine. i think they were left overs from an experiment at a University. THEY ARE OVER six feet at the shoulder. Im sure they will live out their lives on this great spot in Copiah County. They were taller than the buggy I was riding in, and I WAS NOT getting out to get closer. THEY are watch steers, SHE has some mean chickens too.  BUT isn't he beautiful, the other has way more red. Her Place is full of rescues as she worked for a vet for years.

and the other one, I call him RED, i forgot to ask their names, I was too busy scooting to the other side of the jeep, I thought Red was going to climb inside with us. NO doors on the jeep/buggy.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Sad day in the neigborhood. 9/8/2013

I'll never get immune to the loss of a critter even if he did squeeze out 13 + years of Kitty hood. I'll miss  Old Bogmeister for a long time. No suffering though, Saturday appeared to be fine, He ate 4 or 5 times like he does on weekends when I am home. Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, he just went quietly to sleep as far as i know. I figured it was getting close, especially after he had a hard winter. I was dreading this winter for him. He did not like being indoors, and I had placed a brooder lamp in the storage room last winter. He was sleeping more and more under it. GOODBYE my Bogy. The rainbow bridge awaits.