Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Litter Versus layer crumbles.


This past weekend I ran across a forum talking about using layer crumbles for kitty litter, and how much a person can save. I was running it over in my head for a day or two.
I was shopping in Big Lots and struck up a conversation with a lady looking at Kitty supplies. I asked her what she used for litter.
 LOW AND BEHOLD, she hesitated and then said she uses LAYER CRUMBLES. She gets them at Tractor Supply,
 Clinton does have a feed store also, so I  decided to check theirs out, plus I had read they have nice Paul T Brown calendars FREE. They don't always have name brand feed, so I bought the Ware crumbles, manufactured in Houston MS, 10.95 I think for 50 lbs.
My kitties are not indoors 24/7 as I live 1000feet off the road. So far they are ok with the crumbles, I did mix a bit of the clay litter with.
Since starting this I have read another forum that says, the non medicated starter crumbles does clump better, so when this FIFTY pounds is gone, I may try it. AT least it is biodegradables plus I can feed it to the chickens and birds if it doesn't work out.
IF the kitties will use it, I'm all for doing my little part towards helping the environment.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shebraroosme , Guardian of the back fence.

yep, that tiny speck of dog is the great wanna bee Deer Dog, SHEBAROOSOME. 90 pounds of fast Labrador/Rhodesian Ridgeback muscle.

 There are a couple deer that nibble on the pond bank at dusk every evening. Shebaroosome runs that fence line (electric) yapping until I bring her in. OOPS, she got to close to the fence last week and got bit. I heard her yelp and too the house she ran. It took her 30 minutes to calm down. she slowed up a couple days, but now its back to running her side of the fence. she gets plenty exercise.

I downed a couple trees for a better view from the tall side of the pond, which is low due to the dam that needs repairing. the mobile home in site is the empty one next door, empty for a couple years now and hope it stays that way,

Just for reference on the low water, The water should be almost to where Sheba stands.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Don't be fooled, this is about as close as they get to each other every now and then., the next few minutes , they will blow up at each other, I'm still not sure who instigates it. I should have stuck with ONE CAT.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ANDDDDDDDDDD, this is the doorway I would like a sliding barn door/screen for. Im still on the stage of thinking it out, although I did do some measurements. because both side walls are smaller than the door way, I think if I want to be able to open them all the way, I would need to make a double door. Yes, I like Orange and yes there are odd things sitting around. and Yes that is a tension rod in the door way, in the past I thought about putting grommet curtains, but wasn't really thrilled with the idea, now I use it to hand clothes to dry. I finally took the dammit doll down that was hanging by a thread. I still want that silly mirror gone on the right, but it is STUCK , I mean really STUCK.

be safe,


Monday, January 11, 2016

well, not a jam up good picture, I should have had my good camera with me, but I was just out getting a breather, scoping out the sights. and noticed the horses in the back pasture down behind. I think they belong to a dude that races quarter horses, some times they send brood mares over for a bit, and sometimes young horses, I really had my EYEBALL on the black horse, she looks young , short tail, or someone ate it off. they didn't come any closer after I spooked them, but she sure is BLACK, with just a small star on forehead. I'll have to go back with my good camera and zoom in before they move them again.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Nita Banita,,, aint she rotten???????? she really enjoyed the 11 days off I had. I WANT MORE.