Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bird House Gourd Vines

well, its been a month or so since the last picture of the birdhouse gourd vines, they have really grown, there are many gourds too, I did have to cut a couple off since i was banging my head when i mowed the grass inside the dog kennel for the MilaMonster. I think i have found homes for most of the larger Gourds, I guess they are going to make birdhouses out of them??? they still have a bit of growing time left though.
I did also plant a mix of gourd seeds, there are a few others growing but smaller, i noticed a new one yesterday that is really different, the package called them decorator gourds. if they survive, should make nice fall deco.

Monday, July 27, 2009

One fine Christmas day

THIS is realllly one of my favorite photos,,, I think I snapped this one 2005 Christmas morning, visiting the horses with treats. Darby was snoozing big time, My sister walked up to him and they were "conversating" ,,, is that a word?

He's such a pet for a large animal. I helped bring him into this world, and was honored to be the first human to lay hands on him 1998..


the best is yet to come!!!

Memories 3 sisters

hay hay, This picture was taken at one of my favorite trailrides, in Emminence Missouri. Two of my sisters went along on these rides, the Youngest never really got into the horses or there would have been four sisters in this picture.
This is one of my fav pictures, maybe not the best, but brings back lots of memories,

this picture is like a memorial to my sister Carolyn who now walks rides with the Lord due to Lung Cancer almost 4 years ago. It still feels like yesterday and I miss her so,, even if we did have our SIBLING rivalry moments and there were MANY, some funny of course.


the best is yet to come!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome to Mississippi

Pink House?


NO my house is NOT pink but the sun coming up that morning In June sure gives that illusion,,, and I didn't notice it whilst taking ANOTHER picture of the MILA Monster, only after viewing the picture. OH, the vines are BirdHouse gourd vines i plant for summer shade on the MM kennel. THEY have since tripled in growth!!! GREAT shade! I've also added more sisal string for them to expand!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sniff sniff

here we have Mila-Monster and the Bogmeister,

Bogmeister only walks with us when the MM is on leash, WELL she is half Ridgeback, she wants to chase!!! Here they interact sniffing out rabbits maybe? I've seen the evidence of The BOgmesiters success as he would think it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tomato Gravy

hay hay hay and especially for Ramona,
Hay thanx Ramona for posting your tomato gravy picture a few weeks back, youve got me experimenting these days, especailly on weekends,
, I truly meant to take a picture but YIKES, i et them and forgot!! Maybe later, since I ended up with left overs ,but then it can chill and absorb the spices!.
here i am , once again, up way early, actually been up a couple hours, just now making it to the PC, I decided to experiment once again with my tomato gravy recipe attempts. MMMMMMMM, came out fairly well this time. Still needs a tiny bit of something, anyone got Tomato Gravy recipe tips/hints they would like to share?
I'm NOT a biscuit maker though, i like the teeny tea biscuit critters you can buy frozen!
PS. since they are teeny, I can trick myself into thinking I'm not being a gluten, besides I do not like thick doughy biscuits.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

oops, I've got to get better at this blog stuff

OUCH , I've got to work on the MILA Monster picture, IT wasn't meant to be behind the title/description. THIS picture was a year or so ago, she loved that bucket, I called it the Buffalo, she finally killed the thing after numerous attempts. Racing around the yard bumping into trees and such is not conducive to longevity.
ha, did you realllly think there would be a buffalo/bison in this picture?