Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project work

NOPE, no critters appeard in this photo, Its a project my sister and I started 10/23/2010, Yep its going to be a Porch/Deck addition. We are not the best carpenters in the world, but each project teaches us a bit more. ALL in all hopefully it will hold up for a LONG WHILE. LOL, next project, maybe we CAN build a turret on MY HOUSE????????? will see, I hope we get some more work in on this project this weekend, we are going for more lumber, but we have a roadtrip planed this Saturday to Natchez , so time is limited. AT least she is off ever other Friday and I have Fridays off work, so maybe it will not take us forever and a day!!

have a great weekend,
the best is yet to come!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Horse Killer

LOL, did you really think I had a REAL horse killer on hand? No , just a pretend one, just the newbie, BANITA kitty!! I have enjoyed her but a bit worrisome as its been a while raising a youngster. She is pretty much outdoors now full time, although I have been locking her up at night and when I am not home for a few more weeks, well except last night, because I COULD not find her! I called and called her till around 9PM. gave up and crashed for the evening, FIRST thing i did at 3 this morning, check the storage room and WALLLAH,,, there she was snoozing in her brand new bed!! I gave that kitty a piece of my mind for sure!! will she do it again? I expect so!

the best is yet to come!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Banita the new kitty, WOW

Well, Banita seems to have moved right in and made herself to home! She is outdoors part time, Im still locking her up for a couple more weeks when I am not there to check on her from time to time,
She has totally taken over or seems to think she has, although while attempting to intimadate the MILAMONSTER she makes sure there is a fence or baby gate between, she marchs right up to the fence and slaps and spits!
My poor little Italian greyhound (15+) went through a depression i'm afraid but seems to be adjusting.
My Orange cat (Bogmeister) east breakfast and disappears for the day, yesterday he did come home around 4, so maybe he is adjusting slowly?