Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Recipe from Miss Market Bulletin (i think)

SO, I THINK i found this in a recent Miss Market Bulletin, but now, I have to wonder??? After telling J-redneck, i decided maybe i better post it. I took this to my mother since she loves new recipes but they need to be fairly easy these days,,,, Mainly because if she is out of ingredients and she might substitute.
It was really yummy , and she said My brother and his wife fell in love with it.

I love these type recipes in the summer time.



The JR said...

GREAT! Thank you. Like I told you, the hubby loves strawberries. It's a toss up between them and chocolate with him.

hahaha, he's not getting another dessert until the next big occasion. Might make this one for our anniversary.

Thanks again.

Madi and Mom said...

Strawberries are RED...thus you might expect them to be among mom's top
favorite things to eat. She just adores red
Thank you for your good wishes
hugs madi your bfff