Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just a reminder for anyone that happens across my Blog,,,, Please Adopt, Don't Shop. do not support Puppy Mills and Puppy stores. IF you just HAVE to have a certain breed of dog, Please get one from a reputable breeder that will replace or take your puppy back should you decide its not for you. MANY shelters have  pure bred dogs at times. is full of rescues hunting homes for dogs. JUST MY OPINION.. AND remember if you get a fur friend, they can live 15 years or more. PLEASE ADOPT for life. thanx.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


sooooooo its been well over a year now since Shebaroosome became a member of the household and hopefully a friend to MilaMonster. THEY are buds at times, although, Mila being the older does take lots of time outs. Sheba (black) still has a ways to go, will she EVER quit functioning at FULL SPEED AHEAD??? She has learned a LOT and listens most of the time. SHE can even open her own crate door now and semi speaks amongst many other things. SHE is a great dog and so smart. ITS a shame the people that had her her first 9 months of life didn't know how to work with what would be a LARGE DOG.  Oh yes, they are half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half Labrador. THEY do have the ridge down their back. I know Sheba must have really loved the little girl that begged for her. ANY time she hears a child when we are out walking, she reallllly wants to go see where the sound is coming from. Its a shame so many people get a puppy and months later , they have some sort of reason to get "rid" of it. Craigs list has them by the gillions. I could so be a dog hoarder.
 HA, i know Mila will be glad to see her slow down also. Silly Sheba trys to move her about the yard by the collar.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A new Friend For BANITA, maybe

SOOOOO, a bit of an Edit, I read my post and I think I neglected to mention, this picture is of the kitty recovering from the broken leg and MIGHT soon be living at my corner of the world, I think she has a name, but im not crazy about it, and she probably doesn't know it anyway. And she does have pins in her leg that will have to be removed or checked.
SO, I may have found a new friend for Banita since her buddy Bogy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. SHe has really followed me all over the place and talked to me more than she ever did. I guess I didn't realize how close they were. I wasn't going to get more critters anytime soon, but this one is in NEED of a home. A really great lady saw her tossed from a car and stopped to pick her up. She took her to the Vet , she did have a broken leg. SAD, but the ladies husband would not let her keep the cat, so she is paying for the surgery, spaying and vaccinations.  A friend of mine has her recuperating at her house before she is spayed. In about a month she goes back for spaying and then SHE MIGHT be coming to my house. I could not take her in at the moment due to my big dogs going in and out of the house. I need her to be able to be outside at times. For now she is NO NAME,as far as i know. Im partial to kitty names with B. AND HAAAAAA, my friend that has her is very much a cat lady, so who knows she might just keep her. NO BIGGEE.

Monday, September 23, 2013

the big ones didnt' get away

Nothing in this picture to compare size to, but this steer and another I will add later,  were rescued as babies by a friend of mine. i think they were left overs from an experiment at a University. THEY ARE OVER six feet at the shoulder. Im sure they will live out their lives on this great spot in Copiah County. They were taller than the buggy I was riding in, and I WAS NOT getting out to get closer. THEY are watch steers, SHE has some mean chickens too.  BUT isn't he beautiful, the other has way more red. Her Place is full of rescues as she worked for a vet for years.

and the other one, I call him RED, i forgot to ask their names, I was too busy scooting to the other side of the jeep, I thought Red was going to climb inside with us. NO doors on the jeep/buggy.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Sad day in the neigborhood. 9/8/2013

I'll never get immune to the loss of a critter even if he did squeeze out 13 + years of Kitty hood. I'll miss  Old Bogmeister for a long time. No suffering though, Saturday appeared to be fine, He ate 4 or 5 times like he does on weekends when I am home. Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, he just went quietly to sleep as far as i know. I figured it was getting close, especially after he had a hard winter. I was dreading this winter for him. He did not like being indoors, and I had placed a brooder lamp in the storage room last winter. He was sleeping more and more under it. GOODBYE my Bogy. The rainbow bridge awaits.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


WELL the snappers that is,,,, thanx to a rehabber/rescuer i work with, I watch turtles now in the broken down pond out back. this is the dam area. IT gets very low this time of year, For some reason a couple of large Snappers decided to live in this area, maybe because of the BUNCHES or is that schools of minnows? However, i have grown fond of treating the turtles (all kinds) snacks of scraps, (watermelon rind) tomatoes etc. THE SNAPPERS now watch for me every afternoon about 5:30 or so. Last weekend I forgot to take something, they saw me and one started up the bank.. I DECIDED it was time to exit (stage right) . One dude trys to run the other off at times. I know there is at least one LARGER , but I have not seen it lately.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Special people make special items

Hay Thanx Japanese Redneck blogger person! LOL

I'm loving my new bag you made magic upon and right in time to a blocklinebusting birthday! I just had to share it with others online. ANd for now it is still decoing my sofa. I can't bare to get it as grungey as some of my bags in the past have become. EVERYONE thinks it is beautificus!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing in action!!!

SOOOOOOOO, who knew a person could get attached to CHICKENS??? I've added three more, still have them separted from the older ones. I made the mistake of letting the three older ones escape a week or so ago, Between my yellling at the cats, trying to catch them, one hitting the electric fence, what a crazy few days, CAUGHT One, by the time i started looking for the other two, no where in site, THE cats were hiding under the truck with all the squawking and yelling. FOR hours i kept calling and walking and looking for my biddies, I heard the birds fussing at something down by the grownup greenhouses next door and i went looking, sure enough there was GG hid under a tree in the bushes. I couldn't catch her but she followed me to the tree line , finally at dusk she came to me and i put her back in the chicken run, NO WHERE could i find Shabar,,, until 2 days later, I surely thought some critter had ET her. HOW many times do you suppose I walked past her and she ignored me. WAS she hungry or thirsty? NOT sure, but 2 days later she was down behind the runoff hiding , when i walked past calling again, she answered me. Still not ready to be caught or cross the open to the chick house. I filled her up with watermelon and bread. WENT back to check on her an hour or so later, she was so full i guess she laid up in the shade and let me ease up and pick her up. SHE is the ringleader and the shyest but NOW she is back home where she belongs. sheeessshhhhhh, i was so relieved.

July 4 brought on the blast for sure

THE BLAST of RAIn, or Flood almost in my neighborhood. WEATHER DUDES called it a dry day, but geeee, not at my house, just as i was thinking it was time to get busy cutting grass, the deluge hit ,,, My Pond dam is REALLY worse, the water off the road cut some major ruts in the driveway ( i have called the county to see if they will take a look at the nonexisent culvert and drainage.) I tried a few years back to get on a state program to have the pond repaired, but i don't own enough property or am not a farm I think. THEY did look at it and made recoommendations that I can not afford at the moment. SO here are a couple pictures of the DRY day in Mississippi. OH, im going to have to redo the dog fence in one corner becuase the pond is caving in around the edges because of the dam. PEOPLE do a lot of WANTING on the recycle sites and craigs, wonder can i want a volunteer with a tractor or bulldozer to work on it, BUT if they don't do some engineered thinking, it will just blow out again, when a DRYGULLYWASHER DAY falls out of the sky.
ON a more positive note, the tomatoes are ON the make, and the wild turtles are still happy, although a couple were washed out thru the runoff, but are safely back in the wild pond. LOL

Have a great day!!!
the best is yet to come,,,,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taint ORange but it is kin.

Oh my, they surprise me every year when spring starts to bloom, not the first one of its kind to be seen this spring, but the first RED BELLY MUD SNAKE. Not my favorite critter but it is pretty and i can never resist poking them, well some of them, couldn't get a good head shot due to the growth around the pond, but still a great body shot maybe????

Monday, April 15, 2013

Its all Ramona's fault. another project.

Ok, so my friend Ramona has done sooooooooo many great Mosaic peices and sent me a cross, that i finally had to give it a try after i broke a favorite kitchen plate. still needs another coat or two of sealer but its almost ready to hang. I'll have to experiment further. I paid one of the guys to cut me out several crosses to practise on. Not quite ready to cut them out myself, especially with hand issues and time issues. the photo really doesn't show up the colors that well, Orange , orange and mostly orange. some cobalt blue.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Invasion of the Phoebes

Please take no notice of the fan that needs painting. DO notice the bird nest mostly built with lichens and moss by what i think is an Eastern Phoebe or some sort of flycatcher. I read the description, wagging tail ,check....nest of lichen,moss in eaves or porches,check, ,,,and others. KIND of resembles a Purple Martin in person but smaller and chubbier. A bit shy, hard to get a really good picture, but not too shy to take over a ceiling fan. It should be about time for them to hatch and move on so i can blow some wasp and mosquitos off the front porch. ANYONE want to correct me if i have it wrong, PLEASE DO!!!!!
PS, Ramona, I hope to be home with the babies leave the nest or maybe the kitties will be elsewhere.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

the Visitor of March 4 just down the road.

NO, its not a critter this time, Just and old B17 visted Raymond on March 4, If i had 450.00 to spare i might have went just up the road and climbed on. But as it were, i just took pictures from the yard when i could get out there fast enough with my camera. Loved seeing it, pictures do not do it justice. I believe they say there are only 12 left. I took a short video also, but probaby got more trees than airplane.  I really enjoyed seeing and hearing it. It was much closer at times at take off , depending on which direction they were going.

Monday, February 25, 2013

WELL, i've been AWOP for a while, working on just about everything around my corner of world, the following are the two dogs i have at the moment. MilaMonster the yellow one is 7 great puppa, SHEBAROOSOME i adopted with help from CraigsList at 80lbs and 9 months old. AMAZING smart dog, but retraining is a constant. She had very bad manners when i got her. NOW after about 5 months she is becoming a better companion. THE folks who had her as a puppy never had a large dog and she was too much for them. BOTH puppas are Half Labrador and Half RHodesian RIdgeback, WOW they play ruff. and the back yard , OUCH!!!! I'm looking forward to Sheba getting a bit older. LOL