Sunday, June 24, 2018

glorifed dooropener

so,apparently, being retired means i get to let the cats in and out amillion times a day,
and take my old dog o ut several times too. i know she is really loving being in the AC this summer.she is really feeling her age. Heck i am feelingmine too. please forgive all the typos, 
i am determined to make this laptop work ,at least for a bit longer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

pupa dogs, Shebaroosome, Milamonster 2018

as you probably can tell, its not easy to get a picture of the black dog up close, she just loves to get in a person face,,, a habit she formed before I adopted her, she is mmmmmuch better but still very lively, Its a Rhodesian mix of her. I'll have to ad a few more pictures, mainly for my benefit, as Mila (yellow dog) is 13 and slowing down big time. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

early morning pictures, Memories and such.

So, I keep forgetting to take pictures in the afternoon after a long day, so this morning I remembered during my before work walk about. This Magnolia tree was given to me May 2005. I did not choose the best spot to plant it, and then In August of 2005, Katrina chose to dump a large tree on top of it, so , its tall and spindly rather than wide and bushy like the other. but still It has a lot of sentimental value due to the person who gave it to me. I must take a picture of the larger tree that obviously liked the other side of the house better. several years younger but wayyyyy bigger.
AND down below, my VERY small patch of green beans. I'm just practicing these days. LOL

went back a few days later and finally remembered to take a daylight picture of the skinny magnolia,,, given to me Mother's day 2005. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


OH MY,,,, I've managed for the last several years to cut way back on bread, partly due to health, partly due to the fact I haven't been able to find LOCALLY a decent hard roll or I just refuse to pay 4.00 for 8 rolls or less. AND, when I do buy loaf bread, i usually end up feeding most of it to the wild turtles and the chickens. Fun but waste of money,,,

SO I was reading from an online acquaintance about an organic non GMO bread that is being made by a guy that calls it his second chance at life, due to ending up in Prison for 15 years, His business seems to have really grown, especially if I can now find it in CLINTON, MS.... and guess what it is DELICIOUS. True the slices are a bit smaller finding his way to a lower calorie and thinner, but he makes regular also, I believe he is based in Oregon, I must read more on his website...

IT's NOT CHEAP for sure, but it was on sale finally at Kroger and I bought a loaf, I think I can splurge when its going to a great cause , close to my heart. AND ITS GETTING VERY CLOSE TO TOMATO season,,,, I have pigged out on this loaf, the next one will last a bit longer if I can hold back..

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Excitement will wake a person up.

WOW, arrived at work,, Guard on phone, asking me the address since they had the fire department on the phone. I think 10 or more firetrucks showed up right after me. I sat in the parking lot for about an hour before they cleared the buildings. I smelled smoke, but don't think they ever really found anything.
AT least it was a nice beautiful cool morning to stand around outdoors.LOVE the outdoors.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pineapple Guava bush/tree? 2018

I had my fears over the Pineapple Guava tree this year, because winter/spring was reallly crazy this year, too much cold and rain. they lost a lot of leaves which doesn't normally happen,,, but hay looky at the blooms this week. Maybe I'll beat the dogs to the fruit this year???

Wednesday, May 9, 2018



I have been inundated with medicare supplement plans for almost a year, now I am down to the nitty gritty and have yet to make a decision.... what to do, who to choose?  I need mainly a drug prescription plan , probably dental. For now, Blood pressure and a bit of Arthritis meds from time to time, but who knows what the future holds. Yes, I can change plans once I am in it,,, I think october to december????

deductibles, premiums, co pays, I know of a couple i would like to stay away from, but OH MY.

I'm learning some as my mother goes through a very recent fall, needing rehab, but gee, its all a pain,

I did order the freebee, Medicare and You, Lots of great filters to help a person choose, but I AM SICK OF IT...

oh , rant temporarily over, back to the grind.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Eastern Phoebe versus Ceiling fan,,, guess who won.

acutally, the broken blade was from a previous nest, and I've been looking at fans to replace this one, but havn't found just the right one. not sure how much good they do, so i could just take it down I suppose. but for now, it belongs to the Phoebe,,, for the second time this year, I waited and kept the kitties indoors for the babies to fly which they did a couple of weekends ago. I had bought wash for the siding and i had to wait for them to fly away. I wan'ted to wait another week, but mama is already building a new nest after i knocked down the empty one. SO, i squeezed in the wash between the laying of moss and such. odd nest, yes. SO the porch is looking better, although I ran out of wash, i wanted to test a small bottle, since it is supposed to be safer for critters and plants. dunno why i didn't take a picture of the wash job. I will have to finish up soon.
PS< yes the babies flew away safely, much to Silly Dilly distress, she gets mad at me when i keep her up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Not the best picture in the world, BUT WOW am I so proud of this new cutting board or what??? I've been drooling over them ever since RD Redneck man started making them,,, Out of the blue, such a REALLY great surprise this morning,,,

MY VERY FIRST PreRetirment gift delivered in person!! I'll have to add more pictures when I find a better background.

ITS almost official, a teeny bit less than 2 months. PLUS my medicare card arrived yesterday. It can be used JULY!!!

thanx so much RD, for dropping by and for the hug and cutting board, Give the ole redneck a hug from me.


PS, i told them out here, no retirement party, but they could have a memorial(which means I don't have to attend) haaaaaaaaaa.

Monday, April 16, 2018

ROSES at last 2018

So, this is the Tree Rose I have always wanted. I bought it at Lowes in December, I've passed them by many times, until at long last a a really pretty bright ORANGE. My favs!!!

They look larger than they really are in the picture, but who cares, I just hope it survives ME...

 the blooms were drooping sadly after the big Storm this past Saturday, but seemed to be happy again, I did dead head the worse looking ones.

The other row is some I have moved to different spots, hoping this is the last move. They are looking fairly nice for this time of year. Forgive the grungy yard, too much rain and nasty lately.

Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2018 Silly Dilly

Just a few of rotten cat, originally from Chrystal Springs, She's been a bit of a meany lately, I make her and Banita stay indoors at night, and she lets me know at times she doesn't appreciate my concern,,, Yep, sometimes she tries biting me when I round her up and tote her back to the house.
Plus I've changed up her and Banita's diet, and she really gets annoyed when I hold back the dry food, who knew cats can get addicted to dry food.  More another day.

 dilly contemplating biting my foot.

 dang Dilly, will not be still for picture, plus my cellphone camera is really slow these days.
 Dilly and Banita down the drive, sharing for once, kinda rare, but i think a Skink was involved.
 Dilly and the quilt an XSister in law made for me,,, love it.
Dilly protecting a toy???

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring? kinda? on its way 2018

i did manage a short walk around this morning between rain and getting ready for work.
Easter Lilies??? and Japanese Azaleas blooming already.  and time change a week away, or rather 5 days??

Thursday, March 1, 2018

beloved dragon moved to new home (Renaker-Brazel)

SO, for the last year or so, I've been filtering out and selling some of my Collectibles, Gotta love a Dragon, especially after reading all the Game Of Thorns books. This one has been with me for at least 16 or so years,
Renaker Brazel Dragon, MADE IN USA. This one was done back in the late 80s i think, I really need to look up the info again, I never thought I would get 130.00 dollars for him, Auctioned him off with a buy it now on Ebay.
I did really well a year or so ago, and managed to pay a couple larger bills off. Ebay takes such a large cut these days, some I do not really make a profit, but I normally get my money back on most.