Thursday, March 30, 2017

supervisor of the yard

Just ole Silly Dilly watching me move almost dilapidated plants from the indoors to the memorial corner . I'm so ready to get those plants outdoors, once again, i may have to unload some of them and just keep one or two. Love some of them, but a couple are a pain to move about.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First beautiful Boxie of 2017

OFFICIALLY SPRING, when the 3 toed Boxies arrive!!! this one was crossing my drive in front of gate when i was arriving back home from grociery shopping. i didn't get a great picture of HER?? head but wow, what ORANGE.. looks to have been in a small accident once upon a time, but all healed up, a small chunk missing on front of shell. I had to stop and move her to get in gate. but i do that anyway!!! WOW what rain we had that day. well a couple days, Lost electric Monday evening around 7 and finally got it back Tuesday at noon. Kinda glad i was at work, but getting ready by flashlight, i may have been a bit rugged looking. HAA

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Holey Rockamoley

I was admiring the Rednecks posting of finding all the holey rocks a week or so ago, and the fact i can't find any or lost the best one i had from Missouri... and low and behold ,,, look what arrived in the office mail!!!!!!!!! 
Thanks Japanese Redneck!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bitty Turtle save.2017

So,, Between storms, I just had to go play in the water runoff or look for uncovered treasure, I did find a toy tug boat from some where that ran away and then I found again later. It lives in the little artificial bird pond that I threw together with scraps a year or so ago. Saturday or Sunday, I forget which, low and behold a teeny little Red Slider turtle had washed out its hibernation spot and down the runoff, he was stuck upside down in the rocks and i guess the cold water had finally shut him down, I though he was dead at first, but thought i saw teeny bubble, so i took him to the pond and placed him in the shallows, and yeaaaaaaaaa, he had moved away into hiding somewhere. It has been so warm, many turtles are out and sunning in JANUARY!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

ICE DAY brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ok, i know for some people these cold pix are hilarious, but for Central Mississippi, it aint fun.. at least i was already off work and didn't have that 23 miles of nasty roadway to traverse. 
As it is, i was in Kroger when it started coming down, mainly because from there i HAD TO MAIL a package from a collectors sale. I took the back woods home and now i know why i kept saying i was going measure my wipers and get new wipers. BET i get that done this weekend. Stayed home for the most part except for taking my mother her weekly dose of Kroger Chicken salad. Plus i had to gas up my truck for the week. Most of the ice was gone yesterday though. SOOO glad it doesn't hang around long. The dogs, the kitties and i stayed indoors for the most part. Silly Dilly was not happy about the ice.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

SATSUMAS, my favs for Satsumas.

I have not been anywhere to grab Satsumas in more than a year, a coworker was a bit south yesterday and stopped for lunch at Shady Acres,, 49 South of Collins. SHE GRABBED me a bag of Satsumas, no time to put them in a nice bowl, especially since they really need to be in the fridge, but they eat like a Satsuma, i've still not hit a seed . yummmmmmmmmmmm,  They shall fit nicely next to the chocholate covered kumquat that RD gave me,,, oops, I put the chocolate on them,,, why didn't i think to put them in the picture at 2:00 this morning???????????


NO, i don't always do a great job of making the bed so early in the morning, but i tend to smooth it out a touch, even if Silly Dilly is still under the covers... She likes to sleep under since i keep the house fairly cool at night. not as much as she used to , this is from last night or early morning, and i mean early. I'm on a bad kick of waking up about 1:30 and usually can not go back to sleep. Yes, i do crash early early. I tried making my self stay up later, but i still get up to early. it is my favorite time of the day though.

another PS, this kitty protector isn't quite big enough, so i bought two to sew together, I started to do that during the holidays, but the sewing machine isn't cooperating along with my memory of how to work it. Turns out after 15 years of storage, its missing a screw or something to the presser foot, I'll eventually get one, also  need heavy duty thread and needle. what was i thinking?? it was just gonna come alive with a thought? I printed out the manual from the web (gotta love the web) ,,, back to the drawing board!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


YES, it rained and rained and rained, the pond looks so much better, but look at that runoff, it will go down fast. I also got a couple pictures on the backside of the horses next door, well really a quarter horse dude rents that to put mares back there temporarily. I can't remember the name of his place, he races quarter horses, I'll have to look it up and edit this post. I had to hunt it down last year when a couple mares got out and were wandering. maybe keeping it here would be helpful. JUST so happened they were in Texas at the time and  they had to call someone to come get them. THEY really should check the fence better, its very old.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Derby Pie, LM version.

I promise, soon as I remember to take a picture of the actual pie , I will, I have made two this year, but froze them right away,,, they are great to keep for months in the freezer. Can you tell this recipe has served me well since about 1993??? I guess that is why 1993 is written in the corner. YUP, who knew I was such a messy cook??? everyone that observes this now of course.

SO, I did a quick deco job with what I could find on hand at the office this morning...Ignore the background work clutter please.
Low ANd Behold, an X- Coworker dropped  off this homemade Christmas tree yesterday for ME during lunch. left it in the back of the truck and then called to tell me about it... HMMMMM< wonder if that Derby pie I surprised him with last Friday at his office at 6:59 in the AM had anything to do with it... I supplied the horseshoes probably a year or so ago, and after he had to leave the job unexpectedly I figured it would never happen... but thanx BOB,,, I miss you dude. THis really makes me want to invest in an electric welder and try my hand at making such. I did do a couple years aluminum welding at a previous job YEARS ago...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Whoever heard of a Whatchmacallit Tree?

Ok, I delayed posting Christmas 2016 because I really meant to add a video but it just aint happening. so here goes my messy table,
 ONE whatchamacallit tree for a very special person,
 my Christmas Carousel (plays music) I've had for maybe 25 years, kinda scruffy sounding.
 Milamonster with here sad dog antler look.
 ShebaROOSEOME, the black dog that wouldn't be still (antlers demolished).  BEWARE HER TAIL, its like a piece of CONDUIT. Really though, she is a smart great dog, walks on a leash like a dream.
TWO new collars for the puppas, I have to add new phone tags before switching them out.
A GUM BALL tree for the office made from the branch of a really thorny mean lemon tree. Second one, someone bought the first one for 5 whole dollars.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Out of the Ordinary Thanksgiving. 2016

soooooo,,,, ,, Most of the time I am thankful for being an early bird. I did get something entirely new accomplished 2016 Thanksgiving, Last minuet planning on the dinner which turned into brunch/breakfast. I did start the dressing earlier in the week, even had some BIG samples , which I then had to revamp, because it was a bit salty and bitter because I really didn't['t have all ingredients on hand.  Damage control adding more bread (although I prefer biscuits, popeyes biscuits to be exact. more egg and a bit of half and half. Wallah,, great dressing which I then cooked in muffin tins rather than one large dish. Comes in handy freezing,,, I can just grab a dressing muffin, pop in the micro and yummmmy. I did make Mexican corn in a cup, forgot to put some on the plate.
SOOOOOOOO with brunch out of the way... I decided its time to put up that ceiling fan that I bought a year or so ago. My ole handy man has bout quit doing side work, so with the background I have with try anything and instructions, and one quick text. I HUNG MY FIRST CEILING FAN INDOORS!!!! Its working!!! I can't quit going in there to look at it. Its in a spare bedroom.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, me!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Poached eggs

SO, thanx to R&D, I had to give the Poached egg with sauce thingy a try. I've experimented in the past with Poached eggs and they were fairly nasty looking. I searched the net and found a fairly easy microwave method which I do believe I like. I did overcook this one, so no runs in sight. I do have a habit of overcooking , mainly due to the "yucky" texture of many items. I used to love runny eggs, but since owning chickens if I over think it, the yoke will be done. The sauce on this one wasn't my fav, I think I was running on memory when it comes to the type of sauce. I did get the Knorr envelop ,but I grabbed Bernaise instead of Hollandaise and I was not impressed. It needed some fire or something. I did use English muffins which I normally keep on hand and added store bought Turkey sausage, it was on sale. I'll be glad when my chickens are done molting and I get some REAL eggs. HA....