Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring? kinda? on its way 2018

i did manage a short walk around this morning between rain and getting ready for work.
Easter Lilies??? and Japanese Azaleas blooming already.  and time change a week away, or rather 5 days??

Thursday, March 1, 2018

beloved dragon moved to new home (Renaker-Brazel)

SO, for the last year or so, I've been filtering out and selling some of my Collectibles, Gotta love a Dragon, especially after reading all the Game Of Thorns books. This one has been with me for at least 16 or so years,
Renaker Brazel Dragon, MADE IN USA. This one was done back in the late 80s i think, I really need to look up the info again, I never thought I would get 130.00 dollars for him, Auctioned him off with a buy it now on Ebay.
I did really well a year or so ago, and managed to pay a couple larger bills off. Ebay takes such a large cut these days, some I do not really make a profit, but I normally get my money back on most.

nice surprises this week.

arrived home one afternoon this week, and SOMEONE had added window visor thingys to my truck,,,will be especially nice for the old thing when its raining and i need to let down a window, because the AC quit a year or so again in it.
gotta love some surprises. From a very special prodigal person.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rain Rain , go away, don't come back for at least a week???? or more. :)

This is the mess in my yard/parking area,,, due to all the rain the last couple months and oh yes the big snow that the weather people misdiagnosed. Got up to go to work yesterday and bam,,, forgot about the front wheel drive on the newer Buzzard, oops Honda. I've been parking here for 15 years with no trouble.  Just what i wanted to do at 4:40 in the morning, ON A MONDAY.  In the Dark.
UnStick the Buzzard/Honda. SURE am glad for motion lights.

PS, please forgive the nasty mess and the greenhouse that needs a new cover. OH and the large River Birch limb, another causality of rain and storms.

Silver lining, i did get it out without using my truck (probably would have been stuck too) and made it to work with time to spare. Early bird gets the DROWNED worm.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Clinton Rocks,,,

Literally ,,,

They now have a Facebook page, dedicated to painting and hiding rocks around Clinton, mostly in Ole Town and Nature center, etc. Started for the kids I think, but of course ADULTS have joined in and some of the rock painting is out of this world.
I've always collected rocks, so I may have to join in. I must since I have found and kept 3 myself.
I do plan on re hiding a couple of them when the time is right.

Re-hiding and painting is part of the laid back rules. If you find and keep, YOU SHOULD paint and hide even more.

Leave tips on Facebook as to where they may be hidden, especially some of the more elaborate rocks that a few reallly decent artist have painted and hidden. ALTHOUGH, not sure i would call all of them rocks, some are pavers, with whole scenes painted etc.

POST YOUR FINDS on Facebook, people love to see their rocks being shared and re-hidden.

OK, some of the painting , drawings are done with Oil Base sharpies, I think I am headed that direction. Just got to find some at a decent price.

I don't exactly live in Clinton now, a bit expensive, but I am just outside of Clinton and I DID GROW UP there, so I am going to participate.

several years ago, a friend of mine was painting masterpiece animals on rocks and i did do one and still have it, must add the picture to this post.

but for now, here are the 3 I have found. I haven't found any of the larger pieces but I haven't really tried either.

PS, WJTV even did a short clip with one of the local artist a couple weeks ago.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Mexican street corn in a cup and Snappers in January

no, the two don't mix, at least this time of year, but we had a warm patch of weather and a snapper came out to catch a few rays. I got a bit worried about him as he didn't move all day, but about 5PM , back into hibernation.

Mexican Street Corn in a cup, because on the cob is too much trouble. Still working on the recipe, but its very addicting, but then I love corn, at least if it doesn't come out of a can.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Big Snow 12/8/2017

Say it ain't snow!!! NO, Not in Mississippi, Weather folks got it wrong for Central MS,,, supposed to be just a smattering, I was out walking around about 4, the first picture, the car. I thought, not bad, will continue with Christmas shopping plans and errands, and hour or so later,,, guess i'll not be going anywhere today.

one of the last pictures shows the diff in the Honda accumulation, I know people that get snow regular, wonder why Mississippians take so many pictures. From what i read this is the most snow we have had since 1982.

Oh and Silly Dilly in a picture, studying the snow, i must have let her in and out at least 29 times. she wouldn't even go sniff it. just swished that stubby tail and back inside she went.

seeya, oh, this Is plenty enough snow for me, I am good till next season,, WAY next season, Although this batch was gone by Saturday afternoon.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Central Ms turtle Rescue (Florence MS) 501

hope the link works!!! someone let me know if it doesn't, I meant to post this a while back. but since today is Giving Tuesday, I decided to pull up the draft and post. I'll be back to add or rework in a bit.

I may add a few pix later, but the website speaks for itself.. RD and I work with these folks..

They apparently have gotten an Overwelming response. Turtles are rolling in. They even have a few endangered. They work closely with Wildlife Dept. Volunteers needed and supplies. Large Clean totes that can be made into big tanks especially.

I have the pleasure of hosting a few of the rescued, rehabbed turtles at my little broken down pond.

Will be an Interview on WJTV in a couple weeks.

 AND they will be on PBS (Mississippi Roads) sometime in 2018. The filming has been done.


Thanksgiving Harvest and good eats.

Now why didn't i dress it up a bit?? Last minute photo i suppose, I wasn't going to cook since it was just me as I decided to stay home this year, but all of a sudden the urge hit. 
A bit of fudge, and the last of the cherry tomatoes.
Turkey breast , love the kind in a prepackaged bag, seasoned and read to pop in oven or crockpot without thawing.
Derby pie.
Dressing of course with added chicken and used cream of chicken soup rather than broth. came out fairly decent. AND of Course Cranberry SAUCE and GRAVY!! and I think there is a roll in there somewhere.
SEEYA, hope everyone had a GREAT THANKSGIVING.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Thanksgiving.

Just a couple of scripture pix sent to me a while back from a very very special person, and a the Best part of 2017.

2017 has been harsh on things around the house, but NOTHING NOTHING can take away the best event that happened in February 2017!!! I'll be posting more of these, although i need to do a better job of picture taking.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Japanese Azaleas !!!!

One of my favorite bushes in the yard (Japanese Azaleas), forgive the 3 AM picture in the dark, but here it is, the Middle Of November and this bush is still green and Flowering. Well, we did have a large warm snap right after a frost or two, and wow, the elephant ears sprouted again, and i still have a few cherry tomatoes.

I bought this bush 3 or 4 years ago in Hazlehurst, MS. moved it a couple times, seems to be happy in this spot and I have just rooted 4 or 5 more from this one bush. I just love it, In my opinion it puts many other Azaleas to Shame, I'll have to be sure and take a daylight picture. I truly need a new Cellphone too.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Doorstep surprise fall 2017

I suppose these are properly considered a Christmas surprise, but i guess the diff colors they come in now make it a Fall.
Sitting on my doorstep yesterday afternoon, a fall surprise from someone very dear to my heart.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

didn't quite make it to November,,,, but NitaBanita approves.


Nita Banita loves when the heat blows, I decided to burn off the dust in the blower,,,,was hoping to make it to at least November, but a few cool nights had us getting ready,,
One heat loving kitty,,, next to her fav rug, Seagrass, I like the rug because she does some of her best grooming rolling on it.

Her and Silly Dilly are not the happiest with a food change lately... NITABANITA, is the laziest cat i have ever had. She's getting a bit tubby, so i did a lot of research and have been offering more canned food ... ALL my kitties in the past thought it was a treat.
These two have turned up their noses at most I have tried. ESPECIALLY SILLY DILLY.

have a great weekend Ya'll.... yes my weekend starts on Friday.