Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I was just messing around this morning before leaving for the office, changed the bulb in a little lamb, thanx LUKE , for the ORANGE bulb , Christmas happy. I really want this mirror gone, but I think its glued to the wall, really thin wall, it would probably tear the wall down removing it, there is a large doorway to the left, I've thought about installing a sliding door thingy, similar to some barn doors, not sure where to get the mechanism slider thing. Lots of ideas, not so much expertise and sticking power at times. this idea has been on my mind for a while, I think I could cut back on heat and air if I had a sliding door way to close off the teeny dining room at times.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Silly Dilly, wants in wants out, she would rather be out, but not when the wind is whipping and snorting like it was yesterday, she did hang out on the front porch for part of the day. she would come in for a nap, and then back outdoors.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ok, this isn't at my house, I borrowed the picture, but gee I love this concept, bunk beds for dogs or kitties???? WHO KNEW???

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SO, I ended up being off this past Monday myself, due to cutting the DSL line at the house while working on the dog/yard fence. This happened on Saturday, so of course I had withdrawal Sunday and part of Monday morning until ATT made it out to repair. Not sure about that dude, but I enjoyed watching every step of the way, maybe I could even repair it myself next time, well if I had some of those fancy patches they use.
He was a bit grumpy if I do say so myself, well at least I knew where the cut was, so he didn't have to search for it. YES MR ATT, I will be more careful next time, it could have been the electric or the water line. YES dude, I know I should have called the digg people. JUST FIX it already. Doesnt' hurt my feelings to miss work on Monday, worst day of the week with all the hoot and holler guys in the shop, acting like they haven't seen each other in years rather than a few days. I have banned them from talking foot ball any where near me. I need to retire so badly.
At least I did a bit of deco and had a tiny fire while waiting for the ATT dude. Tried to get a couple pictures with the dogs, MilaMonster did ok, ShebaRoosome couldn't be still, I tricked her for about a half second with a blanket, then she tried to kill it.
MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL and to ALL a Great Night!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

I guess, I get to say goodbye to my wonderful, best lived yet Japanese Azaleas, just took this picture this weekend 11/21/2015 and I think its the best it bloomed all this year with our crazy Mississippi weather, I need more of these!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

OK, so what if its only a myth, if ever I would have a tattoo or something, this might be the one, I once collected a few Pegasus figurines, and of course I love my leopard appaloosas, so combine the two and wow. BUT PLEASE people do not combine the unicorn and Pegasus, THERE aint no such critter, LOL

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just because you never know when someone in the area may visit a blog, I've been following the hunt for this Lost Dog In Jackson, MS, I know they can and do get picked up and taken elsewhere at times. SO, I am sharing the poster that is being placed in several areas of Jackson, MS and even Clinton, as someone seems to think she may have been spotted there, One of those did turn out to be a different dog and is in very poor shape. That one has been picked up and taken to a safe place. I think the poster speaks for itself. Please share. The dog was let out of a local Motel when someone broke into the room. Misty lives in Alabama and returns to the hunt as often as possible. A few of her friends are taking calls and continuously looking. Phoenix went missing August 16,2015 and was spotted a few times, but not lately.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Angel Trumpet tree/bush at its best this year. and the season is almost over. TOO much rain, TOO little Rain, I've seen it look much nicer in years gone by. WOW the sweet smell early mornings.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So, it took me almost a month to get the two larger trees down, I have to admit I am not crazy about my little gas chainsaw,,, I practiced on 10 or so smaller trees, and cut on the two larger ones a bit for three weekends in a row and at last they are down, not a day too soon as the rain set in just after, and now its a mushy mess where those two lay. they will just have to rot as its now to wet and mushy to work on them, I think I need a bigger saw. It was really awkward trying to get good footing whacking these two off the bank. I did turn the electric fence off and lowered it just in case I had to run. I think I might be done for a while except for the clean up.
The pond does have a bit more water thanx to the much needed rain. the water should be almost to the fence.

Monday, October 5, 2015

OK!!! MY FIRST downed tree with the chainsaw I bought 2 years ago,,, I really detest the noise and danger of a chainsaw, but the trees are getting larger, I took down about 6 of them, not really big ones but too large to drag, so I will have to cut them in smaller chunks and eventually burn, too bad they are soft sappy trees or I would have some firewood. Some of them, like this one will be dropped into the pond for now. YES, this onel should be in the water, but thanks to a dry summer and a broken dam, it didn't quite make it. One tree hasn't quite fallen, I'll have to study and make another cut.

DID I disturb the two cottonmouths that came out on the bank, or were they hunting the nonexistent sun? one went away, one was acting very sluggish, never did leave. I checked Sunday morning and he was dead. WHAT KILLED HIM???? A mystery to be sure.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

sooooooooooooo, I saw this Fiery Furnace Hibiscus online this week and WOW, I think I need some, wonder if I can find them local??? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

A friend gave me a pond liner and even though I have a real pond, kind of broken down, I decided to make a shallow pond for birds, box turtles and such to visit, Its a work in progress as for now I am just scavenging items to "pretty" it up. Plus I have to patch one spot. the birds have started visiting it. and there is a frog in it, that I saved from one of the cats.
I added another photo, its still a work in progress, no turtles yet that I have seen, but the birds and butterflies are loving it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

snake File 2015

Its that time of year again,,, snakes and turtles and such are emerging. SO far the snakes are all non venomous and I believe most of these guys EAT THE bad guys. SO, I take pictures only for now, and wish them great hunting!!! I know there are water moccasins but haven't seen them yet, nor the box turtles. I've tried to identify, but not sure all are correct.
#1  Black Racer
#2  small garter catching a toad.
#3  TWO speckled king snakes, possibly getting married.
#4  yellow belly water or rat snake????? (I forget)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hedge Rose 2015

I think I bought this rose, well a tiny pot, at the Raymond county fair a few years back, they called it a Hedge Rose. Im not sure of its name, no thorns???? It is trying to cover up my fence mistakes, first time building a wood fence. I can certainly see my errors. And a couple new boards due to a neighbor bush hogging a bit too close. Many of my others roses are doing well, strange to say, since I've moved them several times in the last year.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Not the best in the world picture, and I should have been paying closer attention, when did my Japanese Azalea bloom? I drive past it every day. I was collecting leaves for the chicken pen, and noticed these guys, I should have already fertilized them!!! I NEED MORE!!! SO far this is the only Japanese Azalea that has survived one of my first attempts at planting.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rain Rain and more rain,

soooooooooooooo, finally my foster dog went home. maybe the mud holes will dry up some, he wasn't quite as bad as the pit on you tube fixated on the mud, but wow, he sure brought his mud in at times . I guess I have to mop now he is gone to his long term foster. I hope to foster again in the future, now I know what I need to do to get ready. I hope they are all as well mannered as lil bit. I may have to wait until I retire though. I kinda miss the guy!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Foster dog etc.

so, my first post of 2015 (figured I better do at least one??)
a few pictures of my two pups and the foster dog I inherited Christmas Eve 2014, I think he is supposed to be half Lab,half pit,,, I kinda wonder about the Lab part except when he plays in water in pouring rain in the mud and I have to rinse him down before he can be allowed back in.
It was a bit of an emergency situation, or I probably wouldn't have taken him in. WELL I still have him, although he should be going to his Long Time foster any day now. He has been a real gentleman and no trouble except for the mud. REALLY kind of a whimp. I know he hasn't been mistreated, but yelling or dropping things scares him big time.
PS, take no note of the bare floors , I yanked up carpet and have not found flooring in my price range for about 1000sq.ft. worth.
Christmas Eve, Lil Bit and my new house shoes.

Lil Bit and MilaMonster

Lil Bit and ShebaRoosome facing off. She has really enjoyed a playmate. Mila no longer plays her ruff games.