Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day , More cleanup.

Agggggggggggggg, another tree tops down, but this time in the back yard, not the driveway, These are my River Birches that i love, Two very large parts of the tree came down Partially, I managed to lop off the smaller limbs yesterday and toss. I'll have to wait for it to die and come on down. but at least i can cut grass around it now.  I've had plenty of rain and storms lately!!!! TWO power surges this weekend, at least i didn't lose power. These limbs came down on top of a little tree RD gave me, It did suffer a bit, but i think it will be OK.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mothers Day 2017

A gift from a very important person,, ORCHID?? love it but I've never had much luck with them. prefer OUTDOOR stuff. (never look a gift horse in the mouth?)
Oh, Yes, that's a little table/stool at times, that i build a while back from scrap lumber off crates from the Shop at the office. and some 2x2s.

A planted 2005 gift , i think i have a picture each year from this Magnolia tree gift.  it should be much fuller, but i didn't choose the best spot to plant, early learning days i think. Plus Katrina almost killed it that year, with trees on top of it. and THEN THE DEER thought it was a great place to scrub velvety antlers.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Madness

Sunday storms again,,, not as bad as a couple weeks ago, but tree damage from the first storm, caught up with me this week. I knew those trees were coming down, i was hoping for a breathing space, as i have had soooo  much hitting my pocket book in April and May.. I have to admit, a WONDERFUL thing happened in February, but its been a bit downhill since.
This is my driveway from the street side, NO ,, I could not get out yesterday morning to come to work. I did find a guy, off a local website on FB from Utica that arrived yesterday morning to make a path so i could get out. I do not know what they charge for tree work, but I think i got a good price for all the moving he did by himself, When i sent pictures, i told him it was worse than it looked. I did give him an extra 50, I also didn't have him haul it off. just pushed to the side. I'll probably find someone who might need firewood, a good bit is oak. He had to cut them small enough to move, so whoever gets it may not have a lot of cutting to do. I will use him again as he made time on his way to full time job, plus when i called him , he was on his way home from Florida.
the last picture is the pond full from the rain,, went down fast though.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Another beloved horse passed over 5/9/2017. This one was my sisters horse, but I was close to him also due to us leasing pasture/barn and stabling at the same places for years, until she finally bought a small place several years back. JAE will be missed, He was an odd character at times. My most favorite , a leopard Appaloosa and Jae were half brothers. JAE was 37 this year. I see Darby's nose made it into this picture also,,,, Darby is the one that passed on over just a few months ago, not near as old as JAE. He lived a good life I do believe.

could it be Orange??? almost???

Well a corally orange maybe, not bad for a Walmart find. I really need to get serious about an ORANGE ROSE. I saw some on ebay,,, kinda expensive i thought and no guarantee it will make it, although I have bought plants on ebay in the past.

I used to LOVE shopping at Huttos in the Ellis Ave area of Jackson,, my fav store years back, not so crazy about the area now, but they used to have plenty Roses to choose from.

AND WAY back in the day, it was a great place to shop for horse related items.

oh the garden tools they have, some a bit pricey though.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Storm days , April will not be missed.

OK, so it looks like lovely weather, this was between storms... April went out like a blast. I was just too tired to come to work Monday and Tuesday.. WHO knew electric could be so missed? Two and a half days, no electric. I've let my generator sit too long between cranks, must do something about that, but i really didn't think it would take so long to get electric back... little did i know.. SO I was up way early as always Sunday... doing this and that. The weather dude says take cover it coming your way... I've been taking all that with a grain of salt lately since they really say it all the time now. well things got worse. I ended up in a closet wrapped in a queen size really think memory bed pad for the worst of it. It was scary. and of course, electric GONE.
All i have now is a cell phone. I;m trying to call Entergy,, although i'm sure it was already reported. AND MY CELL PHONE SAYS EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY. I could call NO ONE. I could TEXT no one. I COULD EMAIL NO ONE. well at least for 45 minuets.
I crawl out,,, and i have NO ELECTRIC and NO WATER?????? NO WATER???? i call and leave a message at the water company,,, not them..... so i drive around in the rain to 3 neighbors asking if they have water, they do. AND some had damage to their roof. UPROOTED trees, 4 of which are on the property line, and will probably eventually fall across the driveway... they are holding each other up. BIG TREES.
Back to the water. so, i walk the water line. almost one thousand feet. Closer to the house,,, a LARGE tree limb sticking straight up... WHO KNEW,,, the limb stuck into the ground and BROKE the water line. i stuck my arm down the hole to my shoulder. and yep. BROKE.
so back to the road , trying to turn off water with channel locks. ( I now have the correct tool and lots of bruises.
I did manage to get a friend out for a temp fix on the water line. he had to get more parts and we will check again for those nasty drips.
guess i'll have a large water bill, since its the same month the water heater went out.
its been rough,,, and more to come. Some personal issues going on also that can be major for a family member. Only time will tell.

sorry for the humongous book... more for my benefit in years to come.
OH the picture is after electric was back, but i called Entergy back later in the day because a limb was still on the line, which i could see causing more power surges very soon.

APRIL, BE GONE. MAY please get better.

PS, at least the Limb that broke the water line didn't come through the roof. yeahhhhhhhhhh,