Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just a reminder for anyone that happens across my Blog,,,, Please Adopt, Don't Shop. do not support Puppy Mills and Puppy stores. IF you just HAVE to have a certain breed of dog, Please get one from a reputable breeder that will replace or take your puppy back should you decide its not for you. MANY shelters have  pure bred dogs at times. is full of rescues hunting homes for dogs. JUST MY OPINION.. AND remember if you get a fur friend, they can live 15 years or more. PLEASE ADOPT for life. thanx.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


sooooooo its been well over a year now since Shebaroosome became a member of the household and hopefully a friend to MilaMonster. THEY are buds at times, although, Mila being the older does take lots of time outs. Sheba (black) still has a ways to go, will she EVER quit functioning at FULL SPEED AHEAD??? She has learned a LOT and listens most of the time. SHE can even open her own crate door now and semi speaks amongst many other things. SHE is a great dog and so smart. ITS a shame the people that had her her first 9 months of life didn't know how to work with what would be a LARGE DOG.  Oh yes, they are half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half Labrador. THEY do have the ridge down their back. I know Sheba must have really loved the little girl that begged for her. ANY time she hears a child when we are out walking, she reallllly wants to go see where the sound is coming from. Its a shame so many people get a puppy and months later , they have some sort of reason to get "rid" of it. Craigs list has them by the gillions. I could so be a dog hoarder.
 HA, i know Mila will be glad to see her slow down also. Silly Sheba trys to move her about the yard by the collar.