Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing in action!!!

SOOOOOOOO, who knew a person could get attached to CHICKENS??? I've added three more, still have them separted from the older ones. I made the mistake of letting the three older ones escape a week or so ago, Between my yellling at the cats, trying to catch them, one hitting the electric fence, what a crazy few days, CAUGHT One, by the time i started looking for the other two, no where in site, THE cats were hiding under the truck with all the squawking and yelling. FOR hours i kept calling and walking and looking for my biddies, I heard the birds fussing at something down by the grownup greenhouses next door and i went looking, sure enough there was GG hid under a tree in the bushes. I couldn't catch her but she followed me to the tree line , finally at dusk she came to me and i put her back in the chicken run, NO WHERE could i find Shabar,,, until 2 days later, I surely thought some critter had ET her. HOW many times do you suppose I walked past her and she ignored me. WAS she hungry or thirsty? NOT sure, but 2 days later she was down behind the runoff hiding , when i walked past calling again, she answered me. Still not ready to be caught or cross the open to the chick house. I filled her up with watermelon and bread. WENT back to check on her an hour or so later, she was so full i guess she laid up in the shade and let me ease up and pick her up. SHE is the ringleader and the shyest but NOW she is back home where she belongs. sheeessshhhhhh, i was so relieved.

July 4 brought on the blast for sure

THE BLAST of RAIn, or Flood almost in my neighborhood. WEATHER DUDES called it a dry day, but geeee, not at my house, just as i was thinking it was time to get busy cutting grass, the deluge hit ,,, My Pond dam is REALLY worse, the water off the road cut some major ruts in the driveway ( i have called the county to see if they will take a look at the nonexisent culvert and drainage.) I tried a few years back to get on a state program to have the pond repaired, but i don't own enough property or am not a farm I think. THEY did look at it and made recoommendations that I can not afford at the moment. SO here are a couple pictures of the DRY day in Mississippi. OH, im going to have to redo the dog fence in one corner becuase the pond is caving in around the edges because of the dam. PEOPLE do a lot of WANTING on the recycle sites and craigs, wonder can i want a volunteer with a tractor or bulldozer to work on it, BUT if they don't do some engineered thinking, it will just blow out again, when a DRYGULLYWASHER DAY falls out of the sky.
ON a more positive note, the tomatoes are ON the make, and the wild turtles are still happy, although a couple were washed out thru the runoff, but are safely back in the wild pond. LOL

Have a great day!!!
the best is yet to come,,,,