Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whose the BOSS?

well????????? Banita of course! she's outgrown the neighbors little dog. AND ran her away that day. the little dog wants to be mine, for such a tiny thing, they have thrown her outdoors this winter. it took her months to make it down to my house and was she ever so sweet, well once I put Banita indoors so i could visit with the critter I call Bitsy, Banita is twice her size. THE little dog acted like she was starved for food and attention. that was a month or so ago, and low and behold she appears to have disappeared one stormy night. People do not deserve a tiny sweet dog such as this. AND she is small enough for a Hawk or Owl to attack. THESE are the neighbors that have trashed the place next door. Their garbage blows everywhere. I did try and talk to the acutal owner, to no avail apparently. I'm thinking the little dog went to a much better home. AND probably with out a cat that SEEMS TO HAVE TAKEN over the place!

Just a bit of an update, the Bitsy puppa no longer lives next door. I do believe she found a new and better home.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a different kind of critter

Ok, its not a 4 legged , nor two legged critter, more like a round no leg critter, but its been a bit hilarious watching it move about the neighborhood to the pond and washed up below my pond, I saved it, yet it ended back in the pond and out again, EVEN the MILAMONSTER thought it was something to bark at late one evening, it was dark when i took this picture. I could not let January go by with out adding something now could I? THE first sighting , it had spooked me, i was leaving for office before daylight and the headlights on my truck, showed LARGE LARGE eyes staring back at me. I couldn't for the life of me decide what it could be till I got very close.