Tuesday, August 30, 2016

THanx R!!!! you help bring the memories back, my dream shower/tub ,,, wonder if Southerland still has it. I took these a few years back, Maybe i'll win the lottery and get it,,, well heck no, i'll buy a whole new place(with live in help) more than likely with a monster glassed in shower.. For now, I'll just drool over this one.

Love the memories you (R) help me bring back to the surface. Not that large, but just right for a double wide???

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The JR said...

That is a nice one! Hey would be nice if ya win the lottery! We keep on hoping we are gonna win one day too :)

I don't remember seeing it at Sutherland's but I'm sure they still make something like that. Who know's maybe the price even went down some.