Monday, August 1, 2016

SO, The Rabbit release went as scheduled Friday, and the Rain held off till Saturday, what a beautiful morning it was. I chose the release spot Thursday evening and even prepared it. I fed the little feller one last time. HE was VERY unappreciative when I rounded him up into a smaller box, they do tend to get petrified. Down to the edge of the woods and away he went. I took a couple pictures, it was right before daylight, so a person will have to use their imagination to see the little feller.

I feel sure it was time. He was getting very territorial about his small space, I couldn't hand catch him without a lot of effort , although he did smell the milk in the dropper and would eat without me picking him up . I prayed to the rabbit Gods and hope for the best. If  I see a rabbit next August 29. I am going to think its him. I am.

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The JR said...

hopefully he will make it
better to get back adjusted to the wild any way