Monday, August 8, 2016

Buzzard Invasion

And then there were,,, well I Couldn't count them all. I was indoors trying to cool off, I normally have the big dogs in the late afternoons on weekends cooling, Mila was in I think. Shebaroosome was out stretching her long legs, and I heard her fussing about something, So I walked out to the deck to see. BUZZARDS everywhere, just across the electric fence one side of the pond. I couldn't see what they were fixated/eating on. I tried taking multiple pictures but dunno what. Hopefully it was deceased already. Its so grown up back there and too many snakes, so I didn't go where the tall grass grows. OF course They flew away, I walked the open side of the pond. Notices a small new tree with lots of broken limbs. DID THEY DO T HAT?? or was the storm the day before that bad. There were small limbs everywhere, and multiple buckets had blown away from the shed and chicken house. BUZZARDS are larger than what most people imagine??? I meant to get a picture or movie of Sheba running the fence line checking them out. roaring like the half lion dog she is TOO fast. I hope she doesn't overheat herself today if they return.

people imagine????

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The JR said...

that storm probably did it. the wind was god awful. it knocked the top out of one of the Asian pears.

hahaha, have you ever seen a buzzard cyclone. we've seen it a couple of times, they swirl up like a tornado.