Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shebaroosome, guarding her Gourd??? or wanting me to chase, which I never do. I talk her down. I so wish I had found Sheba before she was 9 months old. Half Lab wants to retrieve (certain Items) , she wants to give them to me, but sometimes the Rhodesian in her kicks in and she wants to run with it. I talk her down and eventually she gives it to me. I've even taken a wild baby bunny from her, although it took some major conversation. And Yes, one of them I saved and eventually returned to the wild.
she is a beautiful dog and watching her run is like Poetry in motion. she reminds me of the days I used to trail ride. Sheba (aka Cheebers) has a beautiful slow canter/lope. I love watching her run. INDOORS< not so much.... ha, 90 lbs of tornado.

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The JR said...

She's beautiful. Love that line down her back. 90 lbs. in the house........oh my, can we say broken glass at our house!