Thursday, August 25, 2016

More Memories Darby Related

Ok, so yes, i'll probably be posting several memories of Darby and pictures. Not so real these but amazing work done by an artist friend I met online in a Collectors Club. These were Hagen Renaker ceramics (MADE IN USA). They have been in business since the 50s. I've seen some of the older horse models sell for several Thousand.

But about Darby,,, I had this Hagen Renaker customized to look like Darby. Yes he was an Appaloosa Quarter horse cross. and Palomino with a Blanket and flakes of spots. He did fade a bit over the years especially in the summer.
If you look closely I had a Freeze Brand applied to his left Shoulder.  It was a blend of my name, my sister's name and a cross. I believe she registered the brand although dunno if she kept it up to date.

the Model was also fired, so the paint and custom job will be there!!

days gone by. How the time flys.


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The JR said...

How COOL! I love it. What a fantastic piece.

Time is speeding away for us so fast.