Thursday, September 1, 2016

loofa shade and chickens

SOOOOOO, the chickens again, I really need to revamp my chicken yard etc, but at least thanx to the loofa vines. They take away some of the ugly and create some Great shade for the hens. I don't even plant the seeds anymore, since I don't harvest like I should , seeds scatter and they come up on their own. and TAKE OVER if your not careful,,, The Loofas themselves have the netting/fake shade sagging really badly. but I enjoy looking at them and the shade. Soon as a frost hits, I'll have to yank them all down. I love stuff I don't have to plant or tend very much. I really should get motivated and make my own loofa sponges for cleaning and bathing.
Tomorrow is another day!
oh and the elephant ears,,, LOVE THEM... I split and plant in other spots and some are way taller than me.
FORGOT to take a picture of the first Spider Lily yesterday, ITS UP... Can it mean, Fall soon to be???


The JR said...

I use to have elephant ears. I guess it got too cold for them when we got those snows a couple of years ago.

I've used round up a lot too, I could have killed them. I'm getting rid of all my over zealous plants and things

Madi and Mom said...

What pretty feathers the chicken has. Almost looks like zebra stripes.
Thank you for you comment yesterday on the wooden purse. Thank goodness there are still folks who remember when they were popular.
Hugs Madi and mom