Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chickens 2016

So, I still have five chickens, a couple are older, so not as many eggs, but I normally give most a way, forgive the thrown together pen, its mostly homemade using anything and everything, old lattice. PVC and wire for gates. A good buddy did get me started with the coop parts. Although with my never ending not so great ideas at times, the chicken house is a bit leaky. I will have to try to fix that before this winter. for now, every leak might be helping it to be cooler. the egg count is down due to the heat I think, One chicken was feeling poorly, but seems to be doing better with a bit of handfeeding and lots of chicken probiotics , electrolytes and vitamins.   the black one is the last surviving one of my original five starting 4 years ago I think. She is boss chick. DON"T TELL anyone, but her name is a spin off someone I work with that is about the rudest, hatefulist person I have ever met or worked with.  Most of the people I work with feel the same from what I can tell.

I actually have someone coming from miles away, meeting me at work to get a couple dozen eggs, I think her husband made her though. He know longer works with me, but swears by homegrown" eggs.

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The JR said...

I put a tarp across the front of ours to keep the wind out.

Sorry you have somebody that hateful you have to be around. That stinks. At least (knocking on wood), I get along with the guys here and they are really nice.

I know they are glad to get the eggs. Yard bird eggs are so much better than store bought.