Wednesday, July 27, 2016

and Then There was ONE!!

Meet the bunny, the surviving bunny of a nest the dogs found in the back yard. I really hate it when those rabbits cross back there. How the nest wasn't found while they were smaller I do not know. I will be cutting the limbs back on the cedars in hopes the rabbits do not nest there again.
I was doing poo patrol even though its a large area for two dogs, I hate hitting fresh piles while cutting grass.
ALL of a sudden , I hear and see a commotion going on under the cedars.  I know I was raised eating rabbit and all sorts of wildlife, but watching an episode of dogs meets 2 week old bunnies just really made me ill. I yelled , hollered, shed a few tears and then just headed to the house so I didn't have to watch them any longer.

I guess the yelling worked to a certain extent. I was indoors, heard a small squeal, went out to the back deck and there was one of those bunnies stuck in a crevasse that Sheba brought back to the deck. The critter did not appear to be injured, but was in shock and shut down. I heated up a microwave snuggle pad from a small dog now over the rainbow bridge, and low and behold the bunny got better.

Love me some internet info. I set him up in a safe place, lots of dry grass, off to the store to get goats milk and supplies.

Two weeks later the critter is more than ready to be released. I have fed him formula, and he is eating all kind of wild things I have picked along with romaine and red leaf lettuce. He Is rejecting me now and even bows up at me.

the release is planned for  Friday morning at dawn. WILD Rabbits do not do well in captivity and the earlier they can be released the better for his survival. INTERNET INFO ROCKS, I did read several but learned more from a licensed Rabbit rehabber in Texas.

I probably traumatized the bunny taking his picture but I am so proud he survived the attack. SO sorry mama bunny your other bunnies didn't make it.

On another note, there are specific formulas that can be bought just for wild rabbits, but of course I had no time to order them, some of the formulas at pet stores and such, I AM TOLD do more harm than good on wild rabbits. SO goat milk and a touch of honey and probiotics. and this little fella seems good to go. If his eyes had not already been open, it probably would have been a different story.

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The JR said...

Good deal on helping to save it's life.

Those bad doggies. But, then, I have bad cats.

so with bad cats and other ailments, I'm not too sure if any birds survived the hatch around the perimeter of the house this year.

Something happened in the nest to the fly catchers. They were there one day and mom and day and nest empty the next. They were too small to fly. I didn't have the heart to get a ladder and look in the nest.

Then I think the storms wiped out another nest. Chirping one day....none after the storms.

Between nature, predators and just plain bad critters have a hard time making it.

Good deal and good luck on the bun bun release.