Monday, October 5, 2015

OK!!! MY FIRST downed tree with the chainsaw I bought 2 years ago,,, I really detest the noise and danger of a chainsaw, but the trees are getting larger, I took down about 6 of them, not really big ones but too large to drag, so I will have to cut them in smaller chunks and eventually burn, too bad they are soft sappy trees or I would have some firewood. Some of them, like this one will be dropped into the pond for now. YES, this onel should be in the water, but thanks to a dry summer and a broken dam, it didn't quite make it. One tree hasn't quite fallen, I'll have to study and make another cut.

DID I disturb the two cottonmouths that came out on the bank, or were they hunting the nonexistent sun? one went away, one was acting very sluggish, never did leave. I checked Sunday morning and he was dead. WHAT KILLED HIM???? A mystery to be sure.


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The JR said...

That looks like what I call a popcorn tree and they are so invasive. You'll get the hang of it. I use my all the time. I've gone thru at lease 4 chains on this one. glad it died :)