Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just because you never know when someone in the area may visit a blog, I've been following the hunt for this Lost Dog In Jackson, MS, I know they can and do get picked up and taken elsewhere at times. SO, I am sharing the poster that is being placed in several areas of Jackson, MS and even Clinton, as someone seems to think she may have been spotted there, One of those did turn out to be a different dog and is in very poor shape. That one has been picked up and taken to a safe place. I think the poster speaks for itself. Please share. The dog was let out of a local Motel when someone broke into the room. Misty lives in Alabama and returns to the hunt as often as possible. A few of her friends are taking calls and continuously looking. Phoenix went missing August 16,2015 and was spotted a few times, but not lately.

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The JR said...

I cannot for the life of me find the dog that was found very injured and rescued. I think they took it to Animal Medical.

I hope they find their baby.