Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Foster dog etc.

so, my first post of 2015 (figured I better do at least one??)
a few pictures of my two pups and the foster dog I inherited Christmas Eve 2014, I think he is supposed to be half Lab,half pit,,, I kinda wonder about the Lab part except when he plays in water in pouring rain in the mud and I have to rinse him down before he can be allowed back in.
It was a bit of an emergency situation, or I probably wouldn't have taken him in. WELL I still have him, although he should be going to his Long Time foster any day now. He has been a real gentleman and no trouble except for the mud. REALLY kind of a whimp. I know he hasn't been mistreated, but yelling or dropping things scares him big time.
PS, take no note of the bare floors , I yanked up carpet and have not found flooring in my price range for about 1000sq.ft. worth.
Christmas Eve, Lil Bit and my new house shoes.

Lil Bit and MilaMonster

Lil Bit and ShebaRoosome facing off. She has really enjoyed a playmate. Mila no longer plays her ruff games.

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The JR said...

Sweet of you to help the fella out.

Have you tried Surplus Warehouse. Sometimes they have some good prices.