Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SO, I ended up being off this past Monday myself, due to cutting the DSL line at the house while working on the dog/yard fence. This happened on Saturday, so of course I had withdrawal Sunday and part of Monday morning until ATT made it out to repair. Not sure about that dude, but I enjoyed watching every step of the way, maybe I could even repair it myself next time, well if I had some of those fancy patches they use.
He was a bit grumpy if I do say so myself, well at least I knew where the cut was, so he didn't have to search for it. YES MR ATT, I will be more careful next time, it could have been the electric or the water line. YES dude, I know I should have called the digg people. JUST FIX it already. Doesnt' hurt my feelings to miss work on Monday, worst day of the week with all the hoot and holler guys in the shop, acting like they haven't seen each other in years rather than a few days. I have banned them from talking foot ball any where near me. I need to retire so badly.
At least I did a bit of deco and had a tiny fire while waiting for the ATT dude. Tried to get a couple pictures with the dogs, MilaMonster did ok, ShebaRoosome couldn't be still, I tricked her for about a half second with a blanket, then she tried to kill it.
MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL and to ALL a Great Night!!!

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The JR said...

I haven't done any decorating..... I need to get busy. I think my sister is coming from Florida to stay a few days. Even though we don't exchange gifts....if I get time, I'm going to embroider her a jacket.

I think I know where all the wires are. But, that doesn't make up for me cutting the water line that was in the flower bed for like 5 years in a row.... Hubby finally moved it out of the flower bed. Thank goodness. Nothing like getting hit with a spray of water when you are not expecting it.

I am ready to retire too. Just can't justify it right now at my age. Need to work at least 5 more....

I don't do football either.