Thursday, January 5, 2017


NO, i don't always do a great job of making the bed so early in the morning, but i tend to smooth it out a touch, even if Silly Dilly is still under the covers... She likes to sleep under since i keep the house fairly cool at night. not as much as she used to , this is from last night or early morning, and i mean early. I'm on a bad kick of waking up about 1:30 and usually can not go back to sleep. Yes, i do crash early early. I tried making my self stay up later, but i still get up to early. it is my favorite time of the day though.

another PS, this kitty protector isn't quite big enough, so i bought two to sew together, I started to do that during the holidays, but the sewing machine isn't cooperating along with my memory of how to work it. Turns out after 15 years of storage, its missing a screw or something to the presser foot, I'll eventually get one, also  need heavy duty thread and needle. what was i thinking?? it was just gonna come alive with a thought? I printed out the manual from the web (gotta love the web) ,,, back to the drawing board!!

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The JR said...

aw no, I do hate it when things don't work. I hope you get the sewing machine working.

that looks like the ones I bought at wally world.... I bought some camo/green/brown/tan ones to hang up in the deer stand

a whole lot cheaper and more effective than the burlap stuff they sell that you can see right thru. So what is the purpose of it being call "blind" material.