Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bitty Turtle save.2017

So,, Between storms, I just had to go play in the water runoff or look for uncovered treasure, I did find a toy tug boat from some where that ran away and then I found again later. It lives in the little artificial bird pond that I threw together with scraps a year or so ago. Saturday or Sunday, I forget which, low and behold a teeny little Red Slider turtle had washed out its hibernation spot and down the runoff, he was stuck upside down in the rocks and i guess the cold water had finally shut him down, I though he was dead at first, but thought i saw teeny bubble, so i took him to the pond and placed him in the shallows, and yeaaaaaaaaa, he had moved away into hiding somewhere. It has been so warm, many turtles are out and sunning in JANUARY!!!!

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The JR said...

Good save Lady! I hope he makes it.