Monday, January 9, 2017

ICE DAY brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ok, i know for some people these cold pix are hilarious, but for Central Mississippi, it aint fun.. at least i was already off work and didn't have that 23 miles of nasty roadway to traverse. 
As it is, i was in Kroger when it started coming down, mainly because from there i HAD TO MAIL a package from a collectors sale. I took the back woods home and now i know why i kept saying i was going measure my wipers and get new wipers. BET i get that done this weekend. Stayed home for the most part except for taking my mother her weekly dose of Kroger Chicken salad. Plus i had to gas up my truck for the week. Most of the ice was gone yesterday though. SOOO glad it doesn't hang around long. The dogs, the kitties and i stayed indoors for the most part. Silly Dilly was not happy about the ice.

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The JR said...

It was yucky indeed. My dingy friend was yada yada-ing about they should have done this and that about the roads. I told her they did. She kept arguing that they didn't do enough. We were not prepared.

I said the stupid people should know to stay off the roads in weather like this and to especially not try and go over the Stack.

I said if they close the 2 small bridges at one of our exit's then I for sure know not to go over any big bridges.

We did get out on Saturday, but we were 4 wheel driving and also going about 10 MPH. Which seemed to fly past a lot of idiots ears that if you were on the roads to proceed with extreme caution.

Glad it's almost over now.