Thursday, January 5, 2017

SATSUMAS, my favs for Satsumas.

I have not been anywhere to grab Satsumas in more than a year, a coworker was a bit south yesterday and stopped for lunch at Shady Acres,, 49 South of Collins. SHE GRABBED me a bag of Satsumas, no time to put them in a nice bowl, especially since they really need to be in the fridge, but they eat like a Satsuma, i've still not hit a seed . yummmmmmmmmmmm,  They shall fit nicely next to the chocholate covered kumquat that RD gave me,,, oops, I put the chocolate on them,,, why didn't i think to put them in the picture at 2:00 this morning???????????


Madi and Mom said...

Is Satsumas an orange? That is a new name to me. Of course I just read that orange is YOUR color too and those are a pretty shade for sure.
I love bright colors. As a younger person I had a lot of red in my hair so I avoided wearing real orange. Now that I'm graying I wear corals and light orange
Hugs Madi and mom

The JR said...

They look good. We use to have a Satsuma tree. It made good for a few years, then those ice storms several years back killed it.

I love the lamp with the horses. Very cute.