Thursday, July 21, 2016

tomato crop 2016

So this is just a portion of the tomatoes I have retrieved this season, Many have been eaten given away and a few quarts chopped and in the freezer.
Who knew it was going to be a good year for tomatoes? I would have had triple the amount if I had done a better job of weeding and tying up tomatoes. I also normally plant more than 8/9 plants.
The rats have hit them also, or possums. I've also fed several icky looking ones to the wild turtles and of course I have to share with the chickens, although too many scraps to the chickens equal less eggs.
I've really enjoyed tomatoes, but unfortunately, the acid really gets to my guts, so I've had to cut back while steady having to watch them ripen indoors. SAFE from the bugs.
I really need to take a picture of my sorry looking weed filled patch, but its a bit embarrassing.

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The JR said...

I don't need a picture of a weed filled tomato patch, because your patch's cousin lives at my house! and lol, we do have 25 or 30 plants in ours.

The weather, RAIN, RAIN and RAIN, then NO RAIN, then RAIN when nobody else got rain...... has really done a number on the plants and tomatoes.

We are getting a few, but not what you would think you'd get from that many plants. We've had a lot of spoiled ones that went over the fence to the chickens. Then we also had them with that white looking weird spot on them. Sunburn? or something.

I love tomatoes. I think even if they bothered me, I'd just keep taking my acid reducer and keep on eating them.