Thursday, August 20, 2009

spinning wheels turtle

you probably can't see it here, but this poor little guy/gal was spooked by my walkabout and got in such a hurry to plop back in the water, that it was stuck for a moment on the stump. its little legs were spinning round and round like a windmill. Sorry but I had to laugh! IT did finally manage to flip off the stump and disappear!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Bet it was a funny sight. Have you every seen a scared cat. Lucky was being noisy and got in some plastic walmart bags on the counter.

He got spooked and took off. Only thing is that when he took off, one of the handles was around his body. He came past me at the end of a 15 foot counter at light speed. Proceeded to run into 3 or 4 walls, doors or whatever. Bouncing back and running thru the house with that bag flapping behind him.

I didn't ever think I was gonna catch him! He was scared and mad for hours. Even hissed at me like I had done it. My monster...


Susie said...

I would of had to laugh too. That sounds funny and I bet it was!