Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Texas Skillet Modified

I mentioned getting a Texas Skillet a few months back,,, here it is, I guess they call it that because its a bit larger than what i call a Chicken Fryer. It comes with no lid, probably because it has small pour spouts. I like a large skillet, because i cook extra to freeze.
I really like a lid at times though,,, so this weekend, I was in the Dollar tree, I saw a Pizza pan and thought ,,, hmmm lid?? I "borrowed" a tape measure in the store and it and the pan measured 13". I wasn't sure if it would fit, but even if it had not, i would have done SOMETHING with it... But Low and behold,,, It fit Very well, I had changed out some drawer pulls on a cabinet, so I used one of the older drawer pulls, Poked a hole in the cheap Pizza Pan, cut off the screw to fit, attached and I have a LID!!!!! , not the best picture but here it is!!! 


Madi and Mom said...

Now that was a genius move!! Good job!!!
Bravo and we send you a standing ovation.
Hugs madi and mom

Madi and Mom said...

I saw your new to your Honda CRV...we have a 2006...it is a wonderful car...no frills bells or whistles. We have a 2014 Higlander for trips etc with bells and whistles that sometimes dry us batty
Hugs Madi and mom

The JR said...

Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together. Yea on the new Texas Skillet!

Good thinking to make the pizza pan a lid.