Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Woodpeckers peck on.

haha, Love watching birds,,, surely its the same woodpecker family every spring that nest in the entergy pole closest to the house. I should get my better camera out this year and get better pictures. More roses,, Elephant ears making a comeback. the early warm period had them coming up and then died back,,, I feared for them. But they are surviving... I just love elephant ears.

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The JR said...

One year the cutest thing I ever saw was a daddy or momma woodpecker going up the side of our big pine tree right beside their baby. Was soooooooooo sweet.

This year we have a big Indian Hen woodpecker hanging out in the pasture next to us. It sounds like a jack hammer every day.

I've seen it in the yard a time or two. A pretty large bird.