Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So, i was tired of shopping and settled a bit.

On a new USED vehicle. Its a whopping big difference than my normal truck buying, I don't have horses anymore, but dang i love a truck. Everything newer than my truck and affordable has more mileage than my old 95. For now, i'll keep the 95 for yard stuff, but take a look at what i did get.
I never wanted a black vehicle but I was tired of looking. It isn't new by any means but hopefully it will last for years. I have found a couple nit picky things i should have noticed before i signed that buy as is clause, but ONWARD. easy on gas, so maybe i'll get back in the groove of checking out junk shops and such. 2008 Honda CRV , no frills, and still everything seems backwards. My memory is still stuck in 95 no frills.

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The JR said...

You'll get use to it and you'll LOVE it. Honda's are great vehicles. I've loved all of mine.


p.s., if we can haul a 6 ft. water trough in my HRV (which is smaller than the CRV), you can go do some junkin' too!