Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gee, I am sooooooooo sad, I really was looking forward to watching my Sassafras tree grow up to be handsome,, the one a RD gave me 2 or so years back... I dunno what happened to it. It had leaves , maybe too early in the year? A frost blew through and a couple weeks later, I noticed it looking Dead, and yep, I believe it is, It was as tall as me.. I've never lost a tree that size, well unless I wacked it.  AND No, I don't think the dogs have messed with it, I had a cage around it till it got larger. Mila likes to eat certain grasses, just a doggy thing to do.

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The JR said...

so sorry. I'll be on the lookout for another one to dig up.

I have a list of things that croaked. All of them were fine last year. Even some of them earlier this year. All of a sudden....dead

my Harry Lauder Walking Stick (contorted filbert), paid $99 for it at Sutherlands a few years ago. I'm heartbroken. It had gotten pretty big.

3 of my larger Japanese Maples

a pyracantha that was huge

2 of my peegee hydrangea

several of my Japanese azaleas

one of my ornamental Magnolias