Thursday, May 26, 2016

well it is cute,,, kinda. and not so scary as others.

Taking a morning walk along the back side of the dam, where I keep a teeny strip of grass cut,,, Im working on getting it further but the briars are over my head, so its a slow go. I never know what i'll see back there. This little visitor isnt' as scary as some, but I know I have to really watch back there. there are larger snakes that hide beneath the wild black berries in hopes of catching a bird I guess? or stalking frogs that wander a bit too far from the run down pond. This one stood his ground and I got within a foot, NO I would never do that with a larger snake. I believe this is a ribbon snake.

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The JR said...

I don't like them. Any of them. They can have the whole road/pasture whatever when I see them.

Happy weekend and Memorial Day. I'm off all next week, but still have posts scheduled.

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