Thursday, March 31, 2016

Missing in the Brandon Star area,,,,,

Pretty sure this puppa was stolen right out from under the owners nose, It doesn't pay to take your eyes off your puppas when loose in the yard, not even for a few. He started with 1000.00 reward, and has now raised it. I think she has been missing for approximately 2 weeks now. His Lab and chiuwawa, (sorry can't spell) are really missing this family member.

this puppas family is now offering 3000.00 for the return of Neshoba.  Fairly certain she was stolen.

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The JR said...

If that is a husky, it could have gone on a walk about too. The ones I had, we could absolutely not keep in the yard. Electric fence, wired the gates to the posts, concrete under the gates....

I think they checked the wire daily to see if it was on.

I loved them, but bad dogs! Had a young female I never got back.