Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shebraroosme , Guardian of the back fence.

yep, that tiny speck of dog is the great wanna bee Deer Dog, SHEBAROOSOME. 90 pounds of fast Labrador/Rhodesian Ridgeback muscle.

 There are a couple deer that nibble on the pond bank at dusk every evening. Shebaroosome runs that fence line (electric) yapping until I bring her in. OOPS, she got to close to the fence last week and got bit. I heard her yelp and too the house she ran. It took her 30 minutes to calm down. she slowed up a couple days, but now its back to running her side of the fence. she gets plenty exercise.

I downed a couple trees for a better view from the tall side of the pond, which is low due to the dam that needs repairing. the mobile home in site is the empty one next door, empty for a couple years now and hope it stays that way,

Just for reference on the low water, The water should be almost to where Sheba stands.

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The JR said...

Don't blame you for not wanting new neighbors. They can be great, but mostly I've found that they are not. And bad neighbors.....make you wanna move.