Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ANDDDDDDDDDD, this is the doorway I would like a sliding barn door/screen for. Im still on the stage of thinking it out, although I did do some measurements. because both side walls are smaller than the door way, I think if I want to be able to open them all the way, I would need to make a double door. Yes, I like Orange and yes there are odd things sitting around. and Yes that is a tension rod in the door way, in the past I thought about putting grommet curtains, but wasn't really thrilled with the idea, now I use it to hand clothes to dry. I finally took the dammit doll down that was hanging by a thread. I still want that silly mirror gone on the right, but it is STUCK , I mean really STUCK.

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The JR said...

In our potty room in the master bathroom I put up a curtain rod across the backside of the door way. Then I an insulated drapery panel as a door. The pretty side of the fabric is facing toward the inside of the room.

I'll have to take a pic of what I used. It works pretty good.

When we built the house, in our bathroom, since the potty is in a tiny, tiny room....a real door would have been impossible to have on the room

I would have left it open, but never fails that the hubby decides to come bother me if I'm on the throne....

What are the measurements of your doorway?

They probably glued it to the wall for moving the home down the road. So it would not fall off and break. getting it off would tear up the wall and I'm betting there is no way to match that wall paper pattern.

I've seen some neat shelves built into the wall. If you could cut the mirror out, using the sides as your guide to get a straight line. You cold make a small cabinet with some shelves that would in the hole

Some rustic wood would or a white washed boards would be neat