Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Litter Versus layer crumbles.


This past weekend I ran across a forum talking about using layer crumbles for kitty litter, and how much a person can save. I was running it over in my head for a day or two.
I was shopping in Big Lots and struck up a conversation with a lady looking at Kitty supplies. I asked her what she used for litter.
 LOW AND BEHOLD, she hesitated and then said she uses LAYER CRUMBLES. She gets them at Tractor Supply,
 Clinton does have a feed store also, so I  decided to check theirs out, plus I had read they have nice Paul T Brown calendars FREE. They don't always have name brand feed, so I bought the Ware crumbles, manufactured in Houston MS, 10.95 I think for 50 lbs.
My kitties are not indoors 24/7 as I live 1000feet off the road. So far they are ok with the crumbles, I did mix a bit of the clay litter with.
Since starting this I have read another forum that says, the non medicated starter crumbles does clump better, so when this FIFTY pounds is gone, I may try it. AT least it is biodegradables plus I can feed it to the chickens and birds if it doesn't work out.
IF the kitties will use it, I'm all for doing my little part towards helping the environment.

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The JR said...

Okay, I was wondering what the benefits are.

I'm guessing so that it does not go to landfills?

I still use litter. I dump the used litter in the tire tracks we've made in the yard. If I had to throw it in the garbage I would probably switch.