Monday, December 1, 2014

End of the trail 2014 Owens' Creek On the Natchez Trace.

Ok, so I haven't posted in quite a while, but I had to share these photos.

 I've not been to this (one of my very fav spots) in a long long LONGGGGGGGGGG time.

 I had heard probably on Facebook that this National marked  in Mississippi on the Natchez Trace had collapsed...
 I HAD TO SEE for myself, and yes, sad to say,,,,,
Owens's Creek On the Natchez Trace just down the road from Rocky Springs.
This is a small waterfall I have visited many times in the past and  has collapsed.

 SO SAD, I'll have to find pictures from  way back , scan and ad to the post,

The following pictures were taken Yesterday 11/30/2014. Its hard to see in the pictures, there was a teeny bit of water falling, I have walked under the fall WAY MANY MOONS AGO.

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The JR said...

I've never been there. But, that is sad. Sorry to hear that.