Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Very Own Sassafrass tree via the Japanese Redneck .

Thanx Ramona, I had my doubts , but the Sassafrass tree is putting on leaves. along with some of the Rose of Sharon trees /althea , uhhh, Im not too good with names. I've so been looking for a Sassafrass tree though. Not sure I am spelling it correct, but I love that little tree.

SAD TO SAY, but apparently my favorite tree did not make it through spring 2016, im so sad, dunno what happened, it bloomed and leafed too early maybe, and then a hard frost took it out???????? I was so admiring it, I keep looking to see if  a bit of life is left, but I don't think so. APRIL 2016 ,,, gone :(

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The JR said...

Hey, glad it came thru the winter.

You can't kill the Althea's....